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I published a History of the Proffer, Crump, Poinsett, and Braamhaar (Bramer) Families of Cape Girardeau County, Missouri, in May, 1992. Since that time I have come upon a vast amount of new information about the Poinsetts that calls for significant additions and corrections to their genealogy. Additionally, a history of the family of Rosina Worrell, the wife of Thomas Gabriel Poinsett, came into my hands; in addition to the information on the Worrells, it has valuable details about the Poinsetts. The Proffer and Crump genealogies remain largely unchanged and the publication just cited can be regarded as the currently most accurate account of those two families. However, for the Poinsetts and Bramers the present version is to be regarded as the more complete and valid one.

In compiling the previously published (1992) history I was misled by a death certificate for J. Ephraim Poinsett that listed the wrong names for his mother and father, which led me to

believe that he was not a son of Thomas Gabriel Poinsett and Rosina

document also contains an erroneous Additionally, the relationship between Missouri has been made clear.

birth date.



These mistakes



Worrell. This flawed have been amended. and the Poinsetts of

I am pleased to put forth this much more satisfactory history of the Poinsetts. However, much more work remains to be done on the genealogy and history of this family. I am publishing this work now as an interim document, or a work in progress, so that all who have contributed to it may have a copy, in appreciation for their assistance, and to encourage others to come forth with additional data and information about family members. I hope anyone reading this will be kind enough to send me relevant new information or corrections for a future revision of this genealogy and history.

I found a few Poinsetts that I believe to be in our lineage but presently I cannot connect them. These I list here in the hope that they may be placed sometime in the future:

Joseph Poinsett is listed in a Baltimore Co, MD, tax record 1704. (I saw a record in the library of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina stating that there were three Poinsett brothers, not two, who immigrated to America. Could Joseph be the third brother?)

Appearing in the files of the Delaware Historical Society is the following record: Mary Ann Poinsett married George Snyder, 20 Nov 1826 (DE Gazette, Wilmington).

An LDS record shows John Poinsett married Margaret Morris 12 Jan 1836 in Philadelphia, PA.

Peter Poinsett, age 26, applied for a Seaman's Protection Certificate in 1859; his most recent residence was New York and his port of entry was New Bedford, MA.


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