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8 - Sarah Poinsett - 816 (1815 - 1881), daughter of Uriah and Ann, married, in Jacksonville, FL, Thomas O. Holmes - 820 (1816 - 1879) of ME. Holmes voted in the First State Wide Election in FL 26 May 1845 (see note regarding this election under Uriah above.) He was a merchant in Jacksonville, and the location of his store is shown on a map of that city for 1847 near the west end of Bay St., adjoining the wharf on the St. Johns River. Thomas is listed as a merchant in the 1850 census; his wealth is listed as $3,000. On 5 April 1854, a fire started by a spark from a Charleston steamer, devastated much of Jacksonville, and Holmes' store was set on fire but it was extinguished before any material damage was sustained (Davis,

  • 1925)

    . The census of 16 June 1860 lists T. 0. Holmes, age 42 (actually 44), his wife Sarah

    • P.

      , age 40 (actually 45), son George, age 11, daughter Flinda (sp?) age 8, daughter Zilena

(probably Selina), age 5, and daughter Heamit (sp?), age 3. Thomas is a merchant with real estate valued at $28,000 and a personal estate at $72,000. On the eve of the Civil War, merchant Thomas was the third wealthiest citizen of Duval Co, with a valuation of $1000,000. Thomas Holmes is listed in the Jacksonville City Directory for 1870, p. 24, "billiards, over Nos 3 and 4 Hoeg's Block"; this may be wry joke, for if he owned a billiard parlor it must have been only one of his several enterprises. On 24 Mar 1884 a fire destroyed the Holmes Building on the south side of Bay St. The building housed a liquor store, grocer, auctioneer, cigar manufactury, photographers, and storehouse. Losses including the building, $45,000 (Davis, 1925). Several of the Holmes and the family of Halsted H. Hoeg are buried in St. Nicholas Cemetery in Jacksonville. Hoeg was a major businessman in Jacksonville and Mayor of the city at the outbreak of the Civil War. A great-grandson of Sarah and Thomas is John Javier Black Cooper.

8 - Asa Poinsett - 815 (1818 -

), son of Uriah and Ann, born in DE, and called Asa

Jr., is listed as “joined on probation” in the 1838 records of the Asbury M. E. Church. (It was customary in early America for a younger person of the same name to be called Jr. and the older Sr. even if they were not son and father but were members of the same family and living in the same neighborhood; the Asa Sr. was his uncle Asa.) He married Elizabeth McKennan - 821 on 13 Nov 1843 in Delaware. Their infant daughter, Anna Bella Poinsett, died 22 Sep 1846. Another daughter, Sarah Holmes Poinsett (named after Asa's sister who married Thomas O. Holmes), died 19 May 1853. Asa is listed in the deed record index as a buying property in 1845 in Wilmington. In the 1850 census, Asa is stated to be a ship carpenter. He and wife Elizabeth and son William were then living in the household of Thomas McCannon, age 71, and Isabella, age 57 (I believe these to be Elizabeth's parents and the name should have been “McKennan”; son William is listed as “William McC.”; assuredly his middle name actually was McKennan). Asa is listed in the 1853 city directory

for Wilmington: ships carpenter 172 Walnut.

9 - William McKennan Poinsett - 831 (

1847 -

), son of Asa Poinsett and

Elizabeth McKennan, Thomas Alburger and

married Mary McKenzie. their children were Thomas

Their Ralph

children were Harriet (married and Harriett), George (killed in

action), William, Jr. (married Gertrude Hart), Belle (married Marion Finch), Ray Edward Raymond), Louella (married Christian Klingunther), and Clara (married Carter).

(married Ephraim


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