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8 - Harriet C. Poinsett - 817 (1820 -

), daughter of Uriah and Ann, was baptized, at

4 months of age, in the Asbury M. E. Church in Wilmington on 27 Jun 1820. She was “received by certificate” in the Asbury M. E. Church, 27 Mar 1842. Harriet married William B. Calhoun - 822, in that same church, on 22 Dec 1842. According to Oliveros, she married a McCallum in Delaware; this may have been a second husband, or the similar sounding

names, Calhoun and McCallum, were confused.

8 - Egbert Poinsett - 818 (1825 - 1859), son of Uriah and Ann, is listed in the 1850 Duval Co, FL, census as born in DE; he was a bookkeeper and living in the household of Halsted Hoeg, a merchant from New York (Hoeg was also a business associate of Thomas O. Holmes, as noted above); the others in the household are blacks and two mulattos. Egbert appears not to have ever married. Egbert's death “in the latter part of August 1859” in Jacksonville is confirmed by court documents there. He died at age 34 intestate. Thomas O. Holmes, his brother-in-law, posted a bond of $160 and was appointed administrator of Egbert's estate (Jacksonville Circuit and County Courts Case # 00-001612-CP). A warrant of appraisement was filed by Holmes for “a claim against the United States.” A hand -written note on the outside of this warrant provides the terms of settlement: “Return of Appraising on the matter of Warrant. About two months salary as ... of Light Ship for U. S. at $500 per

year, say about $84. July 2, 1,860.”

This provides additional

involvement brilliant light

of this family in ship owning. and is anchored in a place where

(A light ship means a navigation is dangerous.)

confirmation of the vessel that carries a

8 - John Solomon Poinsett - 819 (1828 -

), son of Uriah and Ann, was born in

Wilmington, 20 May 1828. John, whose middle name is after his uncle Solomon, was baptized in the Asbury M. E. Church in Sep 1829. His birth date is given as 20 May 1828. He married Rebecca S. Smith - 824, daughter of Samuel and Rebecca Smith, in the Asbury M. E. Church on 19 Dec 1850. John and Rebecca's first son, Samuel Smith died at 16 months (obituary in Philadelphia Public Ledger, 22 Sep 1856); the second son, James, appears also to have died young; they had two daughters, Harriet C. and Emily M.

7 - Solomon Poinsett - 1 (1790 - 1826), our ancestor, was born in Burlington, NJ. The earliest record I have found for him is 1813 on the tax records of New Castle, DE; his tax was $1.34. He was age 23 at the time. He appears in the Wilmington city directory as Capt. Solomon Poinsett in 1814, residing on French Street near the African Church. On 8 Jan 1822, at age 31, he applied for a seaman's protection certificate, as is registered in the National Archives. I have obtained a copy of the “Register of American Seamen in the District of Delaware, pursuant to the Act of entitled An Act for the Relief and Protection of American Seamen” from January the first to March the thirty first 1822”; the document is dated April 1st 1822. This list of 10 seamen includes Solomon and shows that he was issued certificate number 555, he was 5 feet 8 inches tall, with dark complexion, and born in Burlington, NJ. His port of entry was Wilmington, DE. From the fact that he applied on Jan 8 and was 31 leads me to set as his birth date, unless he was born in the first 8 days of January, in which case the year would be 1791. There is this record from the Delaware Gazette for Tuesday, 5 Sep 1826, of his death: “Casualty, - Mr. Solomon Poinsett of this Borough, while passing from the wharf to the Steam Boat, at New Castle, on Saturday


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