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I am most grateful to several people for helping with the accumulation of the information contained herein. My mother, Ruby Martha Poinsett Ralph, was a valuable starting point, passing on to me family records and photographs, as well as providing several details remembered from her youth about the families. I thank all of my cousins, my brother Paul, and my nieces for providing data on their families. Cousin Virgene Allmon stimulated my interest in the Charleston, SC, origins of the family. Cousin Carl Dayton Poinsett discovered particularly valuable records for several of the Poinsetts, was consistently encouraging and

helpful, and contributed importantly in many contributed data on her Poinsett line and records

ways to this from research

work. Rebecca Howard done mainly in Wilmington

and Buffalo. Charles Warren Poinsett submitted information on his line valuable clue to the discovery of the Colorado history of the family. I am JoEllen Jansen nee Holzum of Leopold, MO, (who, through her mother, is

and provided a very grateful to descended from

Melchoir Seiler, a brother of John Seiler) for from a history written by Karen L. Peterson,

passing on to me granddaughter of

information that Ellnora Frances

largely came Wittman nee

Seiler, who was a daughter of Mary Theresa Poinsett and history is called The Sharples Genealogy (see Fishwick

the above -named John Seiler. This and Chester, 1887, reference in the

bibliography) and I thank Ms. Peterson for having assembled copy. I am grateful to Janet Crosby Taft of Jacksonville, FL, Poinsetts. She brought a special sense of excitement and

it and for providing me with a for information on the Florida adventure to the search and

provided me an education contributed important data

on early Florida history. and insight regarding the

Edgar R. Taylor, Poinsetts of South

Jr. of Pittsburgh, PA, Carolina and Florida.

I also received assistance and information from Barbara P. Claypoole of the Huguenot Society of South Carolina; Rev. Robert Lovell Oliveros of Charleston, SC; Carol J. Weeks, genealogist, Wilmington, DE; The Historical Society of Delaware, Wilmington, DE; the Bureau of Archives and Record Management, Dover, DE; Rose Mary McKeown, The Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; The Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia; Christine McCullough, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia; the National Archives, Washington, D.C.


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