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Mifflin. Ephraim, the last child of Thomas and Rosina Poinsett, was born in Buffalo, NY. The Sharples Genealogy states he died in Laflin, MO, but his death certificate was signed by a physician in Allenville, MO. J. Ephraim died of pneumonia, was divorced, and was working as a sawmill hand at the time of his death. (James Ephraim's death certificate from vital statistics in MO contains several errors; his name is entered as “J. Ephrom”; it lists his birth as 11 Jul 1858, but the census record would make it 1853 and The Sharples Genealogy gives his birth as 11 Jul 1852; his father is listed as “Charles” and should be Thomas; his mother is listed as “Elizabeth World”; Elizabeth may have been Rosina’s middle name; her surname is wrong). After James Ephraim’s death, his widow Susan married Andrew J. Smith, Oma McLain Poinsett's maternal grandfather. (The genealogy of James Ephraim Poinsett is being chronicled by Rebecca Howard of Jackson, TN, who is descended from James Ephraim's son, Elmer, who married Oma McLain.)

There is a Junius Poinsett listed in the 1870 census for Cape Girardeau as a son of Thomas and Rosina Poinsett, age 14 and born in NY, but there are no other records of a Junius nor is he listed in The Sharples Genealogy. I believe the census record is spurious. James Ephraim is listed in this census as simply Ephraim (17 years old); “Junius” and “James” written in cursive look a lot alike. Thus, James probably was entered as Junius, and with the wrong


4 - Doll Poinsett - 123 (1893 -

); no details known.

4 - Eva Poinsett - 124 (


); no details known.

4 - Edith Poinsett - 125 (1896 -

); no details known.

4 - Maud Poinsett - 122 (1887 - brother.

) married Harvey L. McClain, Oma Poinsett's half-

4 - Elmer Almus Poinsett - 126 (1897 - 1973) married, 30 Jun 1917, Maudy Naomi “Oma” McClain (3 Nov 1901 - 31 Jan 1994) at Allenville, Cape Girardeau Co, MO. Their children were Myrtle Luceille (b 8 Feb 1919), Dewy Almus (b Mar 1921), Leslie Edward (b 21 Apr 1923), James Arvel (b 8 May 1925), Patsy Ruth (b 30 Jan 1933; d Aug 1955). All were born in Cape Girardeau except Patsy Ruth who was born in St. Louis.

4 - Avery Lee Poinsett - 127 (18 Apr 1904 - 15 May 1922) died at age 17 of a ruptured appendix. At the time of his death he was engaged to be married to Gertrude McClain, younger sister of Oma McClain. He was to have appeared in a pageant at Fairview Church in Advance. His part was taken by Gertrude's brother and, as related by Oma McClain Poinsett to Rebecca Howard, after the pageant the children marched to Avery's grave and stood around it in a circle. The boys stuck flags in the grave and the girls laid spring bouquets on it.


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