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The Worrell Family

Fishwick and Chester (1887) trace the ancestry of Rosina Worrell - 5 from Adam Sharples (living in 1320) of Lancaster County, England, through Richard Sharples (b abt 1555), and Jeffry Sharples, son of Richard. The first immigrant to America was John Sharples (1624 - 1685), son of Jeffrey, who came to Pennsylvania, probably on the ship “Lion”, 2 months prior to the coming of William Penn in 1682. He purchased 100 acres of land from Penn on Ridley Creek 2 miles northwest of Chester. John married Jane Moor in 1662. They had seven children. He left a will in England showing that he held a life tenure from Sir Thomas Delves of Dodington, Chester County, England. This will is proved in Chester, England, in 1685, the year of his death in Pennsylvania. It shows that he was a man of substance and may have planned to return to England.

The second child of John Sharples, also John (1666 - 1747), married Hannah Pennell. The third child of John and Hannah, Hanna Sharples (1697 - 1760), married in 1720, at Chester meeting House, Henry Howard of Lower Darioen, England.

The spelling of the name was originally Sharples but in later generations came to be Sharpless. The location of the Sharpless home was in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, in what is now known as Ridley Park.

The third child of Hanna and Henry Howard, John Howard (1725 - 1793), married in 1747 at

Middleton Meeting House, Elizabeth Perry. Their fourth child, Perry Howard (

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married Elizabeth Evans in 1793. Elizabeth was the daughter of Daniel Evans, a soldier in the Revolutionary Army. Her mother suffered the loss of all her provisions and livestock, which were confiscated by the British while the father was in the army. Daniel Evans donated land to the Episcopalians upon which stands St. David's Church at Radner, near Waynestation, a suburb of Philadelphia, which embraces the graveyard with burial ground reserved for the family to and including the fifth generation. He was born in Wales, a lineal heir to an immense estate which his descendants have failed to recover. Perry Howard was disowned by the Quakers on 27 Nov 1786 for marrying outside the church and neglecting attendance at meetings.

Mary Howard (1796 - 1858) was the second child of Perry and Elizabeth Howard. She married, in 1815, Curtis Worrell, a tavern keeper born in Delaware County, PA. Curtis is listed in the U.S. census for 1820 as residing in Easttown, Chester, PA. He died April 1833 and was buried in the burial ground of the Blockley Baptist Church. Mary was buried at Pleasantville, Venango Co, PA.

The Sharples genealogy is summarized as follows:


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