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1857 he married Cynthia Eddie - 137, who was born in VT and went to CA in 1854 with friends. In 1870 Frederick returned to Bollinger Co with Cynthia and located on a farm. They had no children, but adopted three of Christina and Charles' as noted above. In February 1905, three years before his death, he took up residence with John Frederick Poinsett - 20. He is said to have been an enterprising farmer and carpenter and in politics his views accord with the principles of the Republican party. There are monuments for both Frederick and Cynthia in St. John's Cemetery in Leopold, MO.

In the 1870 census for Bollinger Co there is a household consisting of Catherine (age 62), Frederick (age 40), Rosena (age 30), born in California, and August (age 18), born in New York. Some of this data must surely be wrong. I suspect “Catherine” is Grada and “Rosena” is Cynthia. The ages of these two also are apparently wrong.

The Braamhaars, according to the 1870 census, lived next door to the Holland-born priest of

the parish, Johns Bertens, then 25 years of age. Augustus Ephraim Poinsett.

Bertens was the priest who baptized

In the 1880 census I found Frederick, age 51, and his wife, Cynthia, age 50. Living with Frederick and Cynthia were Grada, age 78, born in Holland, the widowed mother of Frederick, and Fred Blanchard, age 17, born in VT, a nephew related to Cynthia.

3 - Christina Braamhaar - 11 (1841 - 1889) first married Albert Arnzen - 138, probably in 1863. Her young husband was tragically killed. This is derived from the history published by St. John's parish, Leopold, MO, in 1981. On p. 13 it is related that during the Civil War there was much plundering and looting of the inhabitants of Vinemount by outlaw border gangs. People lived in fear of the bushwhackers who roamed the countryside. “A number of the men of the parish were seized by the bushwhackers and taken to the swamps just south of the territory where they were chained to trees and shot. Among these men were... Albert Arnzen” ... N, Christina's husband.

Christina Arnzen married Charles B. Poinsett - 10 on 9 May 1864. The marriage record (erroneously listed under “Sainsett” in the Marriage Index in the county office in Jackson) notes that she was the widow of Albert Arnzen. Her first child was born in August, 1864, so she appears to have been pregnant by Albert Arnzen when he was killed. Christina gave birth to nine children. She died (12 a.m., 5 May 1884) shortly after the birth of her daughter Mary Christina. The record of Christina's death at the Jackson, MO, courthouse states the cause of death as “retained placenta and puerperal convulsions for 5 hours with uterine hemorrhage 7-8 hours.” (Birth and Death Record, Book 1, p. 13; Dr. M. S. O'Brien, Vinemount, MO, signed the record.) She was 44 years old. Christina was interred in St. John's Cemetery in Vinemount (now Leopold), MO. I have been unable to find a grave marker for her in that cemetery; it is likely she was not provided a monument. There appears to be no plot map in existence for the older part of the cemetery, so it has not been possible to


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