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Creating an audio disc

An audio disc is a disc that holds songs or music. Burn.Now makes the audio disc production process easy for you. Simply compile your audio files, then create your audio disc.

Burn.Now supports the following formats:

Audio CD Records audio in Compact Disc-Digital Audio (CD-DA) format on CD-R or CD-RW media. A disc may contain up to 99 tracks or songs. Audio CD can be played on any CD or DVD player, such as portable units or the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive in your PC.

CD Extra Also called CD Plus, Enhanced CD, or Enhanced CD-ROM, CD Extra is a format that contains both audio and data. You can play the audio tracks on a CD player or access both audio and data tracks on a CD-ROM drive.

DVD-Audio Records audio in LPCM stereo (44.1 kHz, 16-bit stereo) on DVD. A DVD disc can contain up to 99 tracks or songs. Audio are saved as .aob files in the AUDIO_TS folder on the DVD.

DVDs burned in this format can be played in DVD-Audio capable players. When you play the DVD, use the player’s controls or its remote control to select and playback tracks.

Music DVD-Video (Audio-only DVD-Video) Records audio in DVD-Video format. A DVD burned in this format is the same as a regular DVD movie disc which can be played on your computer, home or car DVD player, except that the DVD does not contain video content.

Audio can be recorded in MPEG audio, LPCM audio, or Dolby Digital audio (at 48 kHz 16- bit stereo). MPEG audio is a compact high-quality format which is highly recommended for EU DVD players in areas using the PAL TV system.

LPCM provides uncompressed audio quality but with a larger file size, while Dolby Digital offers a lossy audio compression format with a smaller file size. A DVD disc, or each side of a dual-sided DVD, is divided into a maximum of 99 titles, and each title may contain up to 99 tracks or songs. Audio are saved as .vob files in the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD. When you play the DVD, a playlist selection menu with a still background image will be displayed on-screen where you can select tracks to play.


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