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To create an audio disc:

  • 1.

    In the Select a Task dialog box, select Create Disc and then select Audio disc.

  • 2.

    Choose a data format that will allow your disc player to recognize and play the disc. Click OK. This opens the main window.

  • 3.

    Choose Burner: Select Burner to decide whether to burn directly to a disc burner or create a disc image file. (See “Disc burning options” for details.)

  • 4.

    Collect audio files from the Source Explorer Window and add them to the Disc Layout Window. (See “Compiling an audio disc” for details.)

5. When you are ready to burn the audio disc, click Burn disc

on the Toolbar.

Note: You can also click

to save your project for future use.

6. Set burning options as needed, and then click

to start burning.

Compiling an audio disc

The Main Window is where you assemble and organize the audio tracks you want to burn to disc. The procedure for compiling an audio disc may vary depending on the format that you selected.

To compile tracks for an audio disc:

  • 1.

    Add the audio files and folders to burn from the Source Explorer Window to the Disc Layout Window using any of the methods mentioned at “Source Explorer Window and Disc Layout Window”.

  • 2.

    To rearrange tracks, select the track(s), then select Edit: Move Track - Up/Down or drag the selected tracks to the desired position.

3. To delete a track, select it then click Delete

on the Disc Layout Window

toolbar. Select Disc: Revert to reset all settings of an open project to its previous saved state.

4. By default, each track has the same name as the audio file. To rename a track, select the track then either click the track title, right-click and select Rename, or press [F2].

Note: When adding audio tracks, check the Disc-space Meter to ensure that you are not exceeding the capacity of the disc.

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