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Welcome to Ulead Burn.Now

Ulead Burn.Now is an easy-to-use burning tool versatile enough to handle a wide range of recording tasks and storage media. All you really need to decide is what kind of discs you want to use, and what you want to burn on them. Fully compatible with Microsoft Vista, Burn.Now allows you to burn files and projects to CDs, DVDs, BDs, and HD-DVDs. You can also perform multi-session burning of dual-layer DVD-R using Layer-Jump Recording technology.

Things you can do in Burn.Now

Write to BD (Blu-ray Disc) and HD DVD (High Density Digital Versatile Disc)

Burn data to the next-generation BD and HD DVD formats. A single-layer BD can hold up to 25 GB of video and other data types while its dual-layer counterpart can store up to 50 GB. HD DVD has a single-layer capacity of 15 GB and a dual-layer capacity of 30 GB. There is also a triple-layer disc which offers 45 GB of storage.

Create and edit a data disc

Store a collection of all types of files onto a disc. Burn.Now supports both ISO and UDF file systems, including UDF 2.6 for writing data to discs. If you are working with rewritable and appendable discs, whether CD, DVD, BD, or HD DVD, Burn.Now enables you to edit the contents of discs that have already been burned. There is no need to wipe the whole disc and start over, if you only wish to remove or add files, or simply to reorganize your folders and files.

Create and edit a secured data disc

Create a password-protected data disc to safeguard files against unauthorized access. Burn.Now encrypts data on-the-fly as you burn your disc. You do not have to go through the process of saving and encrypting your files first before burning. Secured data discs can then be executed on any PC without having to install additional software.

Create and edit an MP3 disc

Collect MP3 files and compile them into an MP3 disc. MP3 is a very popular format because of its relatively small file size. It is primarily played back on personal computers and some set-top players that support it. Burn.Now also lets you edit appendable MP3 discs.

Note: If an MP3 disc is not DVD+/-RW, a new data session is created after editing. This new session may not be readable on some MP3 players that reads the first session only.


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