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DVD-Video (DVD-V)

The standard format used for recording movies on DVD. MPEG-2 is the dominant video encoding method used in recording movies for its superlative video quality, although MPEG-1 may also be used. The audio part of the video can be encoded in formats such as PCM, Dolby Digital, or DTS (Digital Theater Sound). DVD-Video provides standard 4:3 and widescreen 16:9 aspect ratios, up to 9 camera angles, up to 8 languages, up to 32 subtitle tracks, fully interactive menus, and instant search of titles, chapters, music tracks, and timecode. DVD-Video discs can be played on standalone DVD players or on computers equipped with a DVD-ROM drive.

Incremental Write A writing mode that sequentially appends data to the disc until the disc is full.


A Microsoft extension to the ISO 9660 file system that handles long file names (up to 64 characters in length, including spaces).

Linear Pulse Code Modulation, Linear PCM (LPCM)

An uncompressed audio format that is similar to CD audio but with higher sampling frequencies and resolutions. It encodes audio on a DVD with a sampling frequency of 48 or 96kHz, resolution of 16, 20 or 24 bits per sample, and with up to eight channels. LPCM’s maximum bit rate is 6.144 Mb/s, which is higher than Dolby Digital or MPEG-2.

Mount Rainier

A storage format for CD-RW media that is developed by the Mount Rainier Technical Group. It intends to make the use of CD-RW discs a lot easier by allowing drag-and-drop file copying. Unlike conventional CD-RW burners, Mount Rainier capable burners provide background formatting and defect management features.

Music DVD-Video

A DVD burned in this format using Ulead Burn.Now is the same as the regular DVD- Video disc, except that the DVD is recorded with audio data only (without any video content). Similarly, recordings are stored as .vob files in the VIDEO_TS folder on the DVD.

OGG Vorbis

An open, free, and not patented audio compression format developed by Xiph.Org. This audio format can rival other proprietary, patented audio formats.


A writing process that allows direct disc-to-disc copying without saving a temporary disc image file on the hard disk.

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