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Create an audio disc

Collect all types of sound files and create audio discs in various formats. You can output in Audio CD, DVD-Audio, Music DVD-Video, and CD Extra. With CD Extra, you can include both audio and data on your audio disc. You can use this technology to combine music with artist profiles, lyrics, interviews, and other related materials.

Create a DivX disc

Create your own DivX discs by directly burning supported DivX files. You can burn them onto CD, DVD, BD, or HD DVD discs and play them on computers and players that support DivX.

Create a bootable disc

If you are using the ISO 9660 or ISO 9660 + Joliet file system, you can create bootable discs that contain all the necessary operating system files for your computer to start up without having to access the hard disk.

Copy discs directly

Burn an exact replica of a disc straight to another disc without requiring any step in between. This is a speedy method that has the further advantage of not requiring a large amount of space on your computer if you copy on-the-fly.

Copy movies directly

Burn an existing VIDEO_TS folder directly to a disc. The VIDEO_TS folder (Video Title Set) contains all the unencrypted files of the original DVD video. These are VOB (Video Object) files which contain the video and audio of the movie and the IFO (Information) files which contain the menu navigation information.

If a movie is not copyright protected, you can copy it entirely including menus and other features.

Burn from disc image

Create and burn disc image files. This takes a little longer, but is more stable and allows you the flexibility of creating the image file on one occasion, and burning at a later date. It is also more convenient for burning multiple copies and for backup purposes.

Use various disc tools

Burn.Now offers various disc tools. When using rewritable discs, you can erase the entire contents to start from scratch. You can also format and certify the discs with the UDF file system.

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