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Demarest Nature News

Thanks for Making Oktoberfest a Success

Even though the weather didn’t cut us a break, we would like to give our sincere thanks to the many people who made our annual fund-raising event, the Craft Fair at Oktoberfest, a success. Our thanks to the Demarest police, fire, and public works departments, Mayor Jim Carroll, the Demarest Town Council, the Korean Women’s PTO, and
















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We’d also


volunteered to help at the event. to thank all those trustees, past

and present Center who

plus all the members of the Nature gave up their Saturday to make














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Volunteers from the Korean Woman’s PTO (Photo: Kevin Riley)

New Adventures in Demarest

by Dave Emerson

This past summer we developed two new trails in the Demarest Nature Center. We have partnered with the Closter Environmental Commission and the Closter Nature Center to include the Closter Green Acres Trails and Features on our DNC Trail Map. The two new trails begin at the tot lot and tennis parking lot behind Wakelee Field.

The first trail is The Race Track Trail. It is a one mile loop trail and is well marked with a red blaze. Start at the trailhead (red diamond trail marker) between the first bridge and the skating pond. Proceed North on The Tenakill Brook Trail along the east side of the stream. Past the Morton Bridge, the trail will turn right toward the swim club. At this point follow the red marker to the left and continue North along the brook. Watch for the Kingfisher flying over the water, catching his meal. You may also see the stately four foot Great Blue Herron (our DNC symbol) wading and waiting in the brook. There will be Mallard Ducks and Canadian Geese swimming, grazing the bottom for aquatic weeds and catching insects and crustations in the mud. (These are year round events) Continue North to the round DNC entrance sign. Just past this sign, the red diamond blaze directs you to the right. (If you go straight along the brook, you will come to the Closter footbridge, to the West side of the brook, and on to Durie Ave.) Take this red trail to the right, to the quarter mile Closter race track which is popular with dog walkers. It is a beautiful walk in the woods around the track if you want to lengthen your one mile walk. Turn right on the track for a short distance, leave the track to the right following the red diamond. Continue South over a board walk, turn left toward the railroad tracks. The red trail passes through an old stand hardwood forest of Oak, Maple, and Tulip trees. Watch for deer and squirrel and an occasional raccoon, red fox, or possum. At the round DNC entrance sign, continue South through the woods, parallel to the tracks, to the Swim Club parking lot and handball court. Go to the right and reenter the wooded red trail which leads back to the brook. Turn left and continue South to your car.

The second new trail is the Closter Trail and marked with a diamond shaped blue blaze. The trailhead starts on the path along the north edge of the playground and tennis court. It is a half mile trail to the Closter race track. The blue trail winds north behind the swim club and crosses a few streams as you amble through this old growth forest. Watch for a spring on the left which bubbles warm water, grows watercress and duckweed, and flows all year long. In the winter, with snow on the ground, you will see the plants green and happy throughout the freezing weather. You will cross the red trail and continue North. The blue trail ends when you reach the Closter race track.

At this point you have three options: One. Turn around and retrace your steps on the blue trail back to your car. Two. Take the race track white diamond trail to the right. Follow the path half way around the track. A yellow trail will leave the race track to the right and cross a bridge to a grassy fire road. Turn right to the A&P parking lot. Three. Turn left on the race track and follow the red blaze to the Tenakill Brook. Turn left along the brook, back to your starting point.

Both trails are an interesting and entertaining addition to our DNC trail system. They are both a leisurely hour walk through our contiguous Demarest and Closter Green Acre woods. Find our new map enclosed. For additional copies call: Dave @ 201-910- 3223 or copy from our website: www.demarestnaturecenter.org.

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