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Average Length of System Startup Time and Daily Maintenance: None

Dade Behring 1717 Deerfield Rd. Deerfield, IL 60015 Contact: William Swain Marketing Communications Manager Telephone: (302) 631-0456 Fax: (302) 631-8511 william_swain@dadebehring.com www.dadebehring.com Primary Product: Dimension® RxL Max® Integrated Chemistry Analyzer Type of Analyzer: Chemistry/Immunochemistry Methodologies Used: Photometry, potentiometry, integrated multisensor technology (IMT), heterogeneous EIA using HM, EMIT® latex particle turbidimetric, latex turbidimetric Tests Available in the U.S.: GENERAL CHEMISTRY: Albumin, BUN, Calcium, Creatinine, Direct Bilirubin, Enzymatic C02, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Total Bilirubin, TIBC, IBCT (no pretreat), Total Protein, Urea Nitrogen, Uric Acid. ELECTROLYTES: Carbon Dioxide, Chrloride, Potassium, Sodium. Enxymes: Acid Phosphatase, Alanine Aminotransferase, Alkaline Phosphatase, Amylase, Aspartate Aminotransferase, CK, CKMB Isoenzyme, GT, Lactic Dehydrogenase, Lipase, Pseudocholinesterase. DIABETES MANAGEMENT: HA1c, Glucose (liquid), microalbumin. CARDIAC EVENT: cTnI, mass CKMB, Myoglobini, NT- proBNP. CARDIAC RISK ASSESSMENT: CardioPhase hsCRP, Cholesterol, HDL, AHDL cholesterol, ALDL cholesterol, triglycerides. THYROID: TSH, TU, Total Thyroxine/Total T4, Free Thyroxine/ Free T4, Triiodothyronine. DRUGS-OF- ABUSE: Serum barbiturates, serum benzodiazepines, serum tricyclic antidepressants, urine amphetamine screen, urine barbiturates screen, urine benzodiazepines screen, urine cannabinoids screen, urine cocaine metabolite screen, urine ecstasy, urine methadone screen, urine methaqualone screen*, urine opiates screen, urine propoxyphene screen*. TOXICOLOGY: Acetaminophen, ethyl alcohol, salicylate, serum barbiturates*, serum benzodiazepines*, serum tricyclic antidepressants*, urine methaqualone screen*. ANTIMICROBIALS:

Gentamycin, Tobramycin, Vancomycin. ANTIARRYTHMICS: Digoxin, digitoxin, N-Acetylprocainamide, Lidocaine, Procainamide. TDM: Carbamazepine, cyclosporine, cyclosporine extended range, lithium, phenobarbital, phenytoin, tacrolimus, sirolimus*, theophylline, valproic acid. IMMUNOLOGY: Complement C3, Complement C4, C- Reactive protein, C-Reactive protein extended range, IgA, IgG, IgM, Transferrin. SPECIALTY: Ammonia, Urine/Cerebrospinal fluid protein, Lactic acid, prealbumin, HCG, ferritin. PROSTATE CANCER: Total PSA, free PSA. (*under development)

Throughput: 788 tests/hour

Time to First Result: 60 seconds

Sample Size: 5, 7 and 10 mL primary tubes

Frequency of Calibration: 30-90 days

Integrated Data Management: Yes Open Reagent System: Yes Primary Tube Sampling: Yes Positive Sample ID: Yes Onboard Dilution: Yes Other Utility Requirements: Deionized water NCCLS Type 2 What differentiates your product from other products on the market? Integrates heterogeneous immunoassays onboard with other chemistries; allows single platform for over 95 percent of most requested tests; eliminates sample splitting between general tests and immunoassays Operational Type: Batch, random access, continuous random access Separation Methodologies: EIA, latex particle turbidimetric, direct turbidimetric/heterogeneous, magnetic particles Sample Handling System: Segmented sample wheel

Number of Reagent Containers Onboard/Tests/Container:

88 with optional reagent management system/maximum 360

Reagents Refrigerated Onboard: Yes

Walkaway Capacity in Specimen/Tests Assays: Yes (can be hours)

System Liquid or Dry: Liquid

Average Length of System Startup Time and Daily Maintenance: 7 minutes

Contact: Stephanie Antenucci Marketing Communications Manager Telephone: (302) 631-0442 Fax: (302) 631-8511 antenusn@dadebehring.com www.dadebehring.com

Primary Product: Dimension Vista® Intelligent Lab System

Methodologies Used: Photometry, potentiometry (ISE), advance LOCI® chemiluminescence technology, nephelometry, EMIT®, PETINIA, PETIA, ACMIA, turbidimetric Tests Available in the U.S.: a1Acid Glycoprotein (Orosomucoid), a1Antitrypsin, a1Microglobulin, Acetaminophen, Alanine Transaminase, Albumin, Alkaline Phosphatase, Ammonia, Amylase, Antistreptolysin O, Apolipoprotein A1, Apolipoprotein B, Aspartate Transaminase, ß2Microglobulin, Blood Urea Nitrogen, C Reactive Protein, C3 Complement, C4 Complement, Calcium, Carbamazepine, Carbon Dioxide, Ceruloplasmin, Chloride, Cholesterol, Creatine Kinase, Creatine Kinase MB Isoenzyme, Creatinine, Cyclosporine, Cystatin C, Digitoxin, Digoxin, Direct Bilirubin, Ethyl Alcohol, Gamma Glutamyl Transaminase, Gentamicin, Glucose, Haptoglobin, Hemoglobin A1C, High Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol, High Sensitivity CRP (CardioPhase® hsCRP), Homocysteine, Immunoglobulin E, Immunoglobulin A, Immunoglobulin G, Immunoglobulin M, Iron, Lactate Dehydrogenase, Lactic Acid, Lidocaine, Lipase, Lithium, LOCI® Beta Human Chorionic Gondatropin, LOCI® Cardiac Troponin I, LOCI® Ferritin, LOCI® Free Thyroxine, LOCI® Free Triiodothyronine, LOCI® Mass Creatine Kinase MB Isoenzyme, LOCI® Myoglobin, LOCI® N terminal proBrain natriuretic peptide, LOCI® Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, Low Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol, Magnesium, Microalbumin, Nacetyl Procainamide, Phenobarbital, Phenytoin, Phosphorus, Potassium, Prealbumin (Transthyretin), Procainamide, Pseudocholinesterase, Rheumatoid Factor, Serum Barbiturates*, Serum Benzodiazepines*, Serum Salicylate, Serum Tricyclic Antidepressants*, Sodium, Soluble Transferrin Receptor,

Theophylline, Thyronine Uptake, Thyroxine, Tobramycin, Total Bilirubin, Total Iron Binding Capacity, Total Protein, Transferrin, Triglyceride, Triiodothyronine, Uric Acid, Urinary/ Cerebrospinal Fluid Protein, Urine Amphetamine, Urine Barbiturates, Urine Benzodiazepines, Urine Cocaine, Urine Ecstasy, Urine Methadone, Urine Methaqualone*, Urine Opiate, Urine Phencyclidine, Urine Propoxyphene* (*Syva®Emit® applications) Throughput: Up to 1500 tests/hour Time to First Result: Varies by method: 22 seconds to 17 minutes Sample Size: 1-20 µL Frequency of Calibration: Autocalibration, 30-90 days, varies by method Integrated Data Management: Yes Open Reagent System: Yes Primary Tube Sampling: Yes Positive Sample ID: Yes Onboard Dilution: Yes What differentiates your product from other products on the market? The first intelligent lab system to combine 4 best-in-class technologies in one workstation: photometry, nephelometry, V-LYTE® electrolyte detection and LOCI® advanced chemiluminescence. These 4 concurrent detection systems provide accurate results you can trust, while simplifying/ consolidating sample processing, which minimizes TAT and sample requirements. Operational Type: Batch, random access, continuous random access/self-contained multi- use cartridges-packages sample rack and aliquot plate system/floor standing Sample Handling System: Sample rack handles variety of primary tubes and cups. Aliquot plate allows samples to remain available onboard for up to 2 hours. Number of Reagent Containers Onboard/Tests/Container: Flex® cartridges calibrators and QC can remain onboard available for use in the 166 slots. Tests per container varies by method 20-1,200 tests per Flex® Reagents Refrigerated Onboard: Yes


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