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expressed concern about accounting for such increases in the budget and further expressed her disapproval of such increases.  

Mr. Moschello asked how much staff relies on overtime opportunities.  Mr. Messina explained that the implementation of the SCADA system will actually reduce overtime opportunities for staff.  Mr. Moschello encouraged Authority members to consider the many unknowns associated with the SCADA system, specifically noting that staffing needs may change once implemented.  Mr. Messina and Mr. Krause agreed, and also noted that there are additional upcoming projects may change staffing needs as well (i.e. Phosphorous Reduction Study, etc.).  

Mr. Carpenter noted that if the proposed increases are meant to address employee turnover, then he wants to know specifically how many employees have left and their exact reasons for seeking employment elsewhere.  He explained that he is not averse to the proposed salary increases, but wants to be able to quantify them.  Mr. Moschello agreed and suggested referring directly to employee exit interviews for such information.  

Mr. Carpenter explained that although across-the-board increases were given last year at the Township Committee level, due to a lack of annual performance reviews, there should be no across-the-board increases this year.  Mr. Carpenter explained that he has urged the Township Committee to establish a “Pay for Performance” system to ensure that employees are rewarded on an individual basis based on the work that they do.  He also noted that union negotiations will begin shortly.  Mr. Joseph Sordillo, Esq. confirmed for Mr. Krause and Mr. Messina that salary ranges should be established by ordinance and actual salaries by resolution.

In order to further explore the proposed salary increases, Mr. Carpenter suggested that Mr. Messina provide a report clarifying employee turnover.  Additionally, Mr. Moschello asked Mr. Messina to provide the current salary ranges and job descriptions for BTSA employees.  

As previously discussed, Mr. Messina explained the proposed staff overtime rotation schedule.  It has been proposed that every seven weeks, one employee will work 48 hours/week, receiving time and one-half for 4 hours on Saturday and double-time for 4 hours on Sunday.  This overtime opportunity would only be available if the employee has worked 40 hours during that given week.  Such a schedule would cost approximately $13,000 in additional salary costs if the highest-paid employee took advantage of this opportunity.  Mr. Moschello and Mr. Carpenter both urged Authority members to consider whether or not such overtime is necessary.  Specifically, they questioned whether or not an additional 8 hours are so valuable that they are worth paying for 14.  Mr. Moschello and Mr. Carpenter would like Mr. Bowlby to quantify the value of this overtime.  Mr. Krause agreed and would like to know exactly what benefit Mr. Bowlby would receive as a result of the proposed overtime.

Mr. Messina informed Authority members that his annual performance review should be conducted in December and that he will forward the form to Authority members once finalized by Ms. Marie Eula.

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