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Contemporary geographies of leisure, tourism and mobilities

Economics of Sustainable Tourism

Contemporary Geographies of Leisur , ourism and Mobilities

Edited by Fabio Cerina, Anil Markandya, University of Bath, UK and Michael McAleer, University of Western Australia

Economics of Sustainable ourism aims to critically explore how tourism economic development can move closer to a sustainable ideal from a firm economic analytic anchor. Grounded in economic theory and application it analyzes tourist’s satisfaction and impacts of tourism on the host community, investigates the productivity of the industry and identify factors which could increase economic and sustainable development such as trade relationships. It offers further insight into how destinations sustainability can be measured, economic benefits of a more sustainable destination and sets the agenda for future research. The book includes a range of theoretical and empirical perspectives and includes cutting edge research from international scholars.

Edited by C. Michael Hall, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

The aim of this series is to explore and communicate the intersections and relationships between leisur , tourism and human mobility within the social sciences.

FORThCOMINg Tourism and Agriculture

New Geographies of Consumption, Production and Rural Restructuring

This significant volume provides a new perspective on the sustainable tourism debate and will be a valuable read for students, researcher, academics of Tourism and Economics.

Selected Contents: 1. Introduction Part 1: Tourism Demand and the Host Community 2. Time Series Modelling of Tourism Demand From the USA, Japan and Malaysia to Thailand 3. Determinants of Tourist Satisfaction at Sun and Sand Mass Destinations 4. Attitudes to Tourism in a Mass Tourist Destination 5. Residential Water Demand in a Mediterranean Tourist Region: the Case of Sardinia Part 2: Tourism and Productivity 6. Tourists’ Aversion to Pollution and Economic Growth 7. Relationship Between Tourism and Trade 8. Diversifying Market for and Labour Productivity of Rural Tourism: Evidence From Japan Part 3: Sustainable Tourism: Environment and Cultural Heritage Conservation 9. ST Index: A Composite Index for Measurement of Sustainable Tourism 10. Equilibrium Dynamics and Local Indeterminacy in a Model of Sustainable Tourism 11. How Tourism Can Help Preserve Cultural Heritage Sites 12. Conclusion

Edited by Rebecca Maria Torres and Janet Momsen, University of California, USA

ourism and Agriculture examines regional specific cases of the interface between tourism and agriculture, looking at the impacts of rural restructuring, and new geographies of consumption and production. To meet the need for a more comprehensive appreciation of the relationships and interactions between the tourism and agricultural economic sectors, this book: examines the multiple relationships that exist between tourism and agriculture in various contexts; considers the factors that influence the nature of these relationships; and explores avenues for facilitating synergistic relationships between tourism and agriculture. Given the place-specific nature of tourism and agriculture relationships, these contributions offer case studies from a wide range of geographic contexts whilst themes of diversification, economic development, and emerging new forms of production and consumption, are threaded throughout the entire book.

July 2010: 234 x 156: 252pp Hb: 978-0-415-58385-5: £85.00

For more information, visit: www.routledge.com/9780415583855

Selected Contents: Part 1: Tourism, Agriculture and Rural Restructuring Part 2: Building Tourism and Agriculture Linkages: Challenges and Potential Part 3: New Forms of Tourism and Agriculture Production and Consumption

November 2010: 234 x 156: 308pp Hb: 978-0-415-58429-6: £80.00

For more information, visit: www.routledge.com/9780415584296

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