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Contemporary geographies of leisure, tourism and mobilities


An Introduction to Visual Research Methods in Tourism

Edited by Tijana Rakic, Edinburgh Napier University, UK and Donna Chambers, University of Surrey, UK

An Introduction to Visual Research Methods in ourism, is the first book to present, discuss and promote the use of a range of visual methods, including still images (such as photographs, postcards, drawings) and moving images (such as video) within the context of tourism research. The book focuses on key issues important for students, researchers and academics actively doing visual tourism research or those who are contemplating using these methods.

This book is an essential guide for Tourism students, academics and researchers embarking on research using visual methodology in this field.

Selected Contents: Part 1: Introduction 1. Introduction to Visual Methods and Their Use in Tourism Studies Part 2: Paradigms, Academic Disciplines, and Theory

  • 2.

    Realism vs Relativism and ‘The Visual’ in Studies of Tourism

  • 3.

    The Discipline and the (in)Discipline of ‘The Visual’ in Tourism

Studies Part 3: Methods 4. Collecting Visual Materials From Secondary Sources 5. Mediating Photographs in Interviews and Observations: Photo-elicitation in Tourism Research 6. Visuals as Producing Data and Accessing Embodied Spaces of Tourism Research 7. Creating Visual Materials in the Field: Video 8. Using the Drawing Method in Tourism Research Part 4: Analysis and Representation 9. Reading Visual Material 10. From Content to Context: Methods for Analysing Visual Data 11. Representing ‘The Visual Data’ in Tourism Studies Publications Part 5: Conclusion 12. The Future of Visual Methods in Tourism Studies

November 2010: 234 x 156: 252pp Hb: 978-0-415-57004-6: £90.00 Pb: 978-0-415-57005-3: £21.99 eBook: 978-0-203-85586-7

For more information, visit: www.routledge.com/9780415570053

FORThCOMINg Political Economy of Tourism

Edited by Jan T. Mosedale, University of Sunderland, UK

This is the first volume to bring together different theoretical perspectives and discourse in political economy related to tourism. In doing so it provides insights and alternative critical perspectives from political economy theory to expand discussions of tourism development and policy in the future.

The volume is organized into three sequencial parts linked by politics and economy. Part one presents different approaches to political economy such as Marxism, class, gender, regulation, power. Part two analyzes the production, consumption and regulation of tourism in the context of political economy appraches considered in part one. Part three examines the political economy at various geographies of scales and focuses on the outcomes and processes of the political act of planning and managing tourism production.

Selected Contents: 1. Introduction: Political Economy and Tourism Part 1: Approaches 2. Tourism Development, Marxism and the Contemporary Relevance of Historical Materialism 3. Yes, Virginia: There is a Tourism Class 4. Power, Regulation and Development in Tourism: Regulation Theory and its Evolution 5. Theorising the Gendered Political Economy of Tourism 6. Thinking Outside the Box: Alternative Political Economy in Tourism Part 2: Production, Consumption and Regulation 7. Commodity Chains and Tourism 8. Re-viewing the Dependency Paradigm in the Political Economy of Tourism: A Focus on Foreign Direct Investment in Tourism and its Developmental Impacts 9. The Political Economy of Tourism Consumption in Dubai 10. The Paradigms of Political Economy and Tourism Policy: NTOs and State Policy 11. The Political Economy of the Working Holiday Migration Scheme in New Zealand Part 3: Political Economy and Geographical Scales

  • 12.

    Local Political Economy, Tourism and Neo-liberalism

  • 13.

    Negotiating Business Interests and a Community’s ‘Greater

Good’: Community-based Tourism Planning and SMTE Involvement in the Catlins, NZ 14. Tourism, Neo-liberal Policy and Competitiveness in the Developing World: The Case of the Masterplan of Marrakech 15. Trade in International Air Services 16. Conclusion

September 2010: 234 x 156: 284pp Hb: 978-0-415-54802-1: £75.00

For more information, visit: www.routledge.com/9780415548021

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