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Tourism Enterprises and Sustainable Development

International Perspectives on Responses to the Sustainability Agenda

Edited by David Leslie, Glasgow Caledonian University, UK

This indispensable contribution to the field provides a comprehensive, state of the art perspective on progress towards the objectives of sustainable development within the tourism sector across the globe by focusing on the environmental performance and adoption of environmental management systems by tourism enterprises.

Selected Contents: Introduction 1. Global Environmental Change and

Tourism Enterprise 2. Asian Tourism – Green and Responsible? 3. Large-Scale Links between Tourism Enterprises and Sustainable Development 4. Sustainable Tourism Development in the United States of America: An Intricate Balance from Policy to Practice 5. Argentina and its Approach to Environmental Quality in Tourism – From Hotels to Destinations 6. Strata Titled Tourist Development in Australia – Calling in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice? 7. Tourism Enterprises and Sustainable Development in Australia 8. Environmental Performance of Tourism Enterprise in Ghana - A Case Study of Hotels in the Greater Accra Region (GAR) 9. Owner/Manager Perspectives on Environmental Management in Micro and Small Tourism Enterprises in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand 10. Southern Africa, Policy Initiatives and Environmental Performance 11. Turkey’s Tourism Policy and Environmental Performance of Tourism Enterprises 12. Environmental Performance and Tourism Enterprises in the U.K.: Progress Towards Sustainability? Conclusion

2009: 229 x 152: 268pp Hb: 978-0-415-99332-6: £65.00 eBook: 978-0-203-87358-8

For more information, visit: www.routledge.com/9780415993326

Sustainable Tourism Futures

Perspectives on Systems, Restructuring and Innovations

Edited by Stefan Gössling, Western Norway Research Institute, Sogndal, Norway, C. Michael Hall, University of Canterbury, New Zealand and David Weaver, University of South Carolina, USA

Including climate change; increasing fuel prices; and growing criticism from environmental and social interest groups are posing substantial challenges to the belief that international tourism can be sustainable at current rates and patterns of growth. This book therefore aims to answer the questions of if and how tourism can be a sustainable industry. The book concludes that sustainable tourism is possible but that it requires fundamental shifts in operations, systems and philosophies. The various contributions identify a number of means by which this can be accomplished but stress that sustainable tourism still has a long way to travel before it can reach its destination.

Selected Contents: 1. Sustainable Tourism Futures: Perspectives on Systems, Restructuring and Innovations Part 1: Theoretical Foundations: Re-thinking the Tourism System

  • 2.

    30 Years of Sustainable Tourism: Drivers, Progress, Problems

    • -

      and the Future 3. Reflections on Sustainable Tourism and

Paradigm Change Part 2: Restructuring the Tourism System: Practical Examples 4. Inaction More than Action: Barriers to the Implementation of Sustainable Tourism Policies 5. Transport and Tourism in Scotland: A Case Study of Scenario Planning at VisitScotland 6. Tourism and Climate Change Mitigation: Which Data is Needed for What Use? 7. Theory and Practice of Environmental Management and Monitoring in Hotel Chains 8. Sustainable Ski Resort Principles: An Uphill Journey 9. Piloting a Carbon Emissions Audit for an International Arts Festival Under Tight Resource Constraints: Methods, Issues and Results 10. Voluntary Carbon Offsets: A Contribution to Sustainable Tourism? Part 3: Innovation: Sustainable Tourism Futures 11.The Implementation of Sustainable Tourism: A Project Based Perspective 12. Carbon Labelling and Restructuring Travel Systems: Involving Travel Agencies in Climate Change Mitigation 13. Moving Towards Low-Carbon Tourism: New Opportunities for Destinations and Tour Operators 14. Sustainable Transportation Guidelines for Nature-Based Tour Operators 15. Tourism Firm Innovation and Sustainability 16. Synthesis and Conclusions

2008: 229 x 152: 340pp Hb: 978-0-415-99619-8: £70.00 eBook: 978-0-203-88425-6

For more information, visit: www.routledge.com/9780415996198

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