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advanCes in tourism

Handbook of Tourist Behavior

Theory and Practice

Edited by Metin Kozak, Mugla University, Turkey and Alain Decrop, Namur University, Belgium

In today’s highly competitive and global economy, understanding tourist behavior is imperative to success. Tourist behavior has become a cornerstone of any marketing strategy and action. Choosing, buying and consuming tourism/travel products and services includes a range of psycho-social processes and a number of personal and environmental influences that researchers and managers should take into account. This book provides an overview of such processes and influences and explains the basic concepts and theories that underlie tourist decision-making and behavior. It also incorporates a number of cases studies in order to aid readers to better appraise the application of those concepts and theories. The Handbook of ourist Behavior will be of significant interest to researchers and students in tourism, leisure, marketing and psychology, and also to practitioners in the tourism industry.

Selected Contents: Preface Part 1: Motivation and Need Recognition 1. Interpretive Consumer Research: Uncovering the ‘Whys’ Underlying Tourist Behavior 2. Antecedents and Consequences of Prestige Motivation in Tourism: An Expectancy-Value Motivation Part 2: Perception and Information Processing 3. Tourism Destination Image Formation 4. Tourist Information Search Part 3: Evaluation of Alternatives and Choice 5. Decision Strategies in Tourism Evaluation 6. Planning and Exploratory Buying Behavior Part 4: The Tourism Experience 7. Understanding Tourist Experience though Mindfulness Theory 8. Unlocking the Shared Experience: Challenges of Consumer Experience Research Part 5: Post-Choice Processes 9. Processes and Performances of Tourist (Dis)Satisfaction 10. Service Failure, Tourist Complaints and Service Recovery 11. What Determines Tourist Loyalty? In Search of a Theoretical Explanation Part 6: Individual Determinants of Tourist Behavior

  • 12.

    Tourism Segmentation by Consumer-Based Variables

  • 13.

    Emotions and Affective States in Tourism Behaviour

Part 7: Environmental Determinants of Tourist Behavior

  • 14.

    E-tourist Behavior: The Influence of IT on Consumers

  • 15.

    The Role of Media Products on Consumer Behaviour in

Tourism 16. Cross-Cultural Differences in Tourist Behavior

2008: 229 x 152: 286pp Hb: 978-0-415-99360-9: £100.00 eBook: 978-0-203-88180-4

For more information, visit: www.routledge.com/9780415993609

Tourism in China

Destination, Cultures and Communities

Edited by Chris Ryan, Waikato Management School, New Zealand and Gu Huimin, Beijing International Studies University, China

This book provides a voice to Chinese mainland academic researchers and examines the nature of tourism research and tourism development in China. Contributors, many of whom are based in China and are immersed in the daily issues of teaching, researching and planning tourism development within China, discuss issues related to resource use, destination image and community participation with case studies that combine conceptual frameworks and practical issues. This authoritative text on tourism in China will be of interest to scholars and students of tourism throughout the world.

Selected Contents: Part 1: Destination Change and Planning Part 2: Destinations and Cultural Representations Part 3: Community Participation and Perspectives

2008: 229 x 152: 418pp Hb: 978-0-415-99189-6: £70.00 eBook: 978-0-203-88636-6

For more information, visit: www.routledge.com/9780415991896

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