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2nd Edition

The Economics of Tourism

Mike J. Stabler, University of Reading, UK, Andreas Papatheodorou, University of the Aegean, Greece and M. Thea Sinclair, University of Kent, UK

This new edition of the Economics of ourism reflects the tremendous changes that have occurred in the tourism sector in the last twelve years. It recognizes that the nature of tourism demand and supply is being transformed by innovations in information communication technologies, market liberalization and climate change. Paralleling this, there is much greater interest in the study of tourism by both students and researchers in mainstream economics.

Accordingly, the book has been extensively restructured, revized and expanded with two new chapters – chapter six of the first edition is now broken down into two and a new chapter has been added on environmental issues to take account of new developments – which critically review the associated literature and consider future trends in tourism economics research.

The Economics of ourism will continue to make accessible for the non-specialist, the application and relevance of economics to tourism. Extensively revised and updated, including research and case studies the textbook will be an indispensable resource for both students and researchers.

Selected Contents: Part 1: Introduction and Demand Theory in Tourism 1. The Scope and Content of the Economics of Tourism 2. Microeconomic Foundations of Tourism Demand 3. Empirical Studies of Tourism Demand Part 2: The Economics of Tourism Supply 4. Microeconomics Foundations of Tourism Supply 5. The Economic Profile and Characteristics of the Tourism Sectors Part 3: The Economics of Tourism at a National, Regional and International Level 6. Tourism in a National and Regional Context 7. Tourism in an International Context Part 4: The Economics of Environmental Issues in Tourism and an Appraisal of the Economic Analysis of Tourism 8. Global Environmental Issues and Tourism 9. The Microeconomic Analysis of Environmental Issues 10. The Valuation of Resources and Environmental Policies 11. Whither the Economics of Tourism

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