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In her contacts with some Chinese suppliers Angie heard about the Canton Fair. Her Alibaba contacts indicated they would be attending. The Canton Fair is a very large tradeshow where Chinese manufacturers and international trade companies exhibit. Angie decided it was time to make the trip to China to meet her manufacturers of choice and perhaps alternate manufacturers at the Canton Fair. Angie planned a trip to Guangzhou. Arriving in China, she thought, “This is going to be an experience; I am meant to be here.”

There were over 100,000 exhibitors at the Canton Fair featuring a wide variety of products - from hair ties to huge stone monuments. Angie, who was accompanied by her mother on this trip, visited dozens of exhibitors. After the fair, Angie felt that China offered a tremendous opportunity to manufacture her product. Because she had originally researched manufacturing her product in the U.S., Angie noticed significant differences in U.S. and Chinese trade shows. Exhibitors in China were not hesitant to give pricing information on the spot, even for a custom item such as hers. Assisted by an interpreter, Angie was able to explain her idea and product and receive price quotes at the fair. Exhibitors seemed to be very interested in foreign attendees - and

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give much attention to locals. The exhibitors at the Canton Fair also dispelled any Angie had over who was going to be the actual manufacturer of her product. The exhibitors were, without doubt, the actual manufacturers, and they were willing to work to finalize her designs. Angie claims she “discovered a whole new world” in China. She

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After the Canton Fair, Angie and her mother traveled to Zheijiag where they met with their manufacturers of choice. Their first stop was a cosmetic factory located in Yiwu. Next it was on to Ningbo to meet the reel manufacturers. These personal contacts and visits to their facilities affirmed Angie’s decision to manufacture in China.

Angie describes China as her land of opportunity. The Chinese manufacturers provided her with the means to bring her product to market. Upon invitation to visit their manufacturing facilities, Angie was surprised to see that much of their equipment was hand-operated. She was expecting


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