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of the manufacturing process to ensure that her product was being made with the high quality she demands.

Learning about manufacturing techniques presented quite a challenge. Since she had no experience in manufacturing products like her reel or her lip gloss container, Angie was not aware of the mold-making process or what materials were needed to mold her product. Working closely with her manufacturers in China, she now understands the process of making a mold and is quite knowledgeable about 2-Ethylhexyl Palmitate, a skin conditioning agent used in cosmetic formulations. Angie found it necessary to stay in constant communication with her manufacturers because she discovered the conception of quality can be quite different in China. She needed to be assured that her manufacturers were abiding by U.S. laws and meeting the stringent demands of U.S. consumers.

For example, Angie ran into a quality issue with the tube for her lip gloss. When she received her first samples, she noticed that the lip gloss tube was not top quality. Her manufacturers in China used a low gauge plastic, which made the lip gloss tube feel thin and look cheap. Angie did not want to pass these impressions onto her customers. She contacted the manufacturers and new samples were made with better quality plastic.

Angie also ran into quality issues with her reel. The original samples included a clip that was not sturdy enough for its intended use. And because Angie’s idea required durability (so that the product can be worn while engaging in the strenuous activities of her characters, like dancing and skateboarding) Angie knew that she could not approve the sample. Additionally, the yoyo retraction was not working as she had intended. This required her to go back to her manufacturers as well. These quality issues ultimately delayed the manufacturing and release of her first batch of products.

After the manufacturers fixed the retractable reel and the lip gloss tube, Angie thought production could finally get underway. Unfortunately, she ran into another hurdle. She noticed that her sample lip glosses were unstable. That is, the original taste of the formulation changed over time. Angie contacted her manufacturer to discuss her finding. She was informed that the


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