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lip gloss needed to set for one month. Angie very well could have continued with production, but she decided against that. She wanted to make sure the lip gloss flavor and texture retained its quality after the one month period. This further delayed Angie’s release of her first production batch. This delay is part of Angie’s learning curve. She was not aware that the lip gloss would change over time and that it required time to set. Had Angie known, she would have taken this time into consideration when planning her production process.

Angie was also especially concerned with her lip gloss formula due to the strict FDA guidelines. She did not want to release a product to the market that was in violation of these rules. This presented another significant challenge. The names of ingredients in English and Chinese are different. She had to constantly monitor the ingredients of her lip gloss, making sure her manufacturer in China was following the formula developed by her U.S. chemist.

Even though Angie encountered many hurdles in her production process, she was fortunate to have manufacturers who understood the importance of communication. Some communication barriers did exist because of the global environment, but both Angie and her manufacturers worked to minimize them and stay in constant communication. Angie would email her manufacturers at night and by the next morning she had her answers. Angie and the manufacturers worked to keep the lines of communication open and both remained focused on the goal, to make YOYO Lip Gloss a success. In summary, Angie explains:

Hiring a broker to conduct my business in China may have been less hassle than directly working with my manufacturers. However, since I completed the tasks myself, I now understand every aspect of my business. No one cares more about YOYO Lip Gloss than I do; I know that all tasks have been performed to my standards and all safety and quality precautions have been implemented.

I have full control over my entire business and manufacturing processes; I do not have to depend on a broker to make my next move because I am aware of each production step and have close relationships with my suppliers.


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