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Angie grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. Her father is a Greek immigrant and her mother is second generation. They have been involved in many ventures, including a restaurant, pizzeria, maintenance company, garage station, night club and, most recently, a commercial contracting company. Surrounded by this constant and stimulating entrepreneurial influence, Angie knows the benefits of a good opportunity, hard work, and a “can-do” attitude. “I was raised in an extremely motivated environment. There is no such thing as sitting around at my house. Both of my parents are hard workers and willing to take risks to succeed.”

In her early entrepreneurial stages, Angie created a web-based artist management company called DJ Bookings, Inc., which organized and coordinated promotional events and negotiated

event bookings between artists and hiring parties. Although Angie had a strong desire to be an entrepreneur, she understood the value of an academic background. She earned two degrees from St. John’s University, her B.S. in Psychology in 2001 and her M.B.A, with a major in Management, in 2006.

Angie felt all was going well with DJ Bookings during her start-up stage. However, during an Entrepreneurship course, she undertook the task of writing a business plan for the venture. The market research performed, the business model analysis, and the financial projections led her to realize that the concept had limited opportunity. So she scrapped the idea.

Angie’s entrepreneurial aspirations remained strong, however, and her interest in inventions blossomed. Working for a sheet metal company, Angie had a boss, Robert Baschnagel III, who enjoyed the process of inventing. As her boss’s ideas formulated, Angie helped bring them to life by assisting with patent applications and the like. She, then, connected her new interest in inventions with her lip gloss quandary. Angie thought, “It would be cool if I could clip my lip gloss onto my belt. No bag is needed to carry it. Even better, a string of some sort could be attached so the lip gloss would retract back to its home on my belt.” And the YOYO Lip Gloss idea was born.

The question then became: “How do I turn this idea into a business, and will it be profitable?”


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