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Krakalakin Clear, and Rowdy-Rowdy Raspberry

Adding to the ease of use, YOYO Lip Gloss will have interchangeable reels so that the clip and the tube of lip gloss can be mixed and matched (See Exhibit C – Interchangeable Reels). Each lip gloss flavor is represented by a unique character of a different cultural background. YOYO Lip Gloss decided to implement a multi-cultural approach in order to be sensitive to consumer needs and reach a wide range of the female teen population. The nationalities of the characters are not explicitly defined, allowing them to be broadly applied. They represent multiple nationalities including African American, Asian, Caucasian, European, and South American (See Exhibit D – YOYO Characters).

Not only do the characters represent different nationalities, they are also featured performing sporting and other activities that include skateboarding, dj-ing, break dancing, softball, dancing, and cheerleading. This makes it possible for consumers to relate to the product by nationality or by activity. The lip gloss packaging consists of an image of the character with a personal note on the back of the package directed to the consumer; this further personifies the character and enables the consumer to associate with the image. The YOYO package has been designed to promote a relationship between its characters and consumers (See Exhibit E - We Get Personal). To expand on the consumer relationship with the character, each YOYO Lip Gloss package comes with a trading card sticker (See Exhibit F – YOYO Trading Cards). The trading cards contain a picture of the character, the character’s name, title, age, weight, place of birth, favorite move, and wise words.

YOYO Lip Gloss has a unique selling proposition because, currently, there is no product on the market that offers a retractable lip gloss. Therefore, first mover advantage will be established. YOYO Lip Gloss also provides a quality formula comparable to high grade prestige items. The reel is made to withstand rough use, providing durability. Therefore, consumers can use the product while engaging in the activities of its characters (See Exhibit G – Quality Formula and Durability). YOYO Lip Gloss strongly enforces its brand by interacting and relating to its consumers through the use of characters, trading cards, and packaging. Providing detailed


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