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                                                      Company A    

Anderson, Johns S.            Hamilton Co.Major             Mustered Out 6/16/65

Anderson, Warner P.Hamilton Co.  Captain               Mustered Out 6/16/65

Barnes, John Hamilton Co.       Private                Mustered Out 6/16/65

Beachum, HenryHamilton Co.Private             Died of Disease 7/1/63

Bond, Jesse F. Hamilton Co.Private             Disability  6/6/63

Bond, Samuel R. Hamilton Co.1ST LT                 Mustered Out  6/16/65

Bond, Wilburne Hamilton Co.       Sergeant              Mustered Out 6/16/65

Boswith, Mial P.Hamilton Co.  Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Bowers, Zachariah H.Hamilton Co.       Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Boyster, James A. Hamilton Co.  Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Brumley, JohnHamilton Co.Private             Died of Disease  5/13/63

Burton, Enos A.Hamilton Co.  Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Carey, George W. Hamilton Co.Private                 Discharged 6/16/64  

Carey, Robert H.                Hamilton Co.       Private                 Wilson’s Hill April 7, 1864

Carey, Wesley Hamilton Co.       Private                 Absent, Sick

Carey, William B.Hamilton Co.1ST Sergeant        Died of Disease 8/7/63

Carlin, Peter Hamilton Co.Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Carr, John W.Hamilton Co.Private              Died of Disease 5/29/65

Clark, John A. Hamilton Co.       Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Clark, William Chicago               Private                 Transferred to 18TH Ill Inf.

Collins, Daniel J. Hamilton Co.       Private                 Disability 4/24/65

Corlin, Peter                       Hamilton Co.       Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Crume, Andrew J. GrayvillePrivate              Died of Disease 4/6/64

Dailey, Arabia M Hamilton Co.Private              Died of Disease 7/31/63

Dailey, James N Hamilton Co.       Private                 Mustered Out 5/30/65

Dailey John S Hamilton Co.Private              Disability  5/22/63

Dailey, Mastin B.Hamilton Co.Corporal              Mustered Out 6/16/65

Dale, John W. Hamilton Co.  Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Dale, Nathan Hamilton Co.       Private                 Transferred 18TH Ill Inf.

Davis, Timothy Hamilton Co.Private              Disability 6/10/63

Dixon, Tillman  Hamilton Co.   Private                 Mustered Out. 6/16/65

Duncan, Elbert D. Hamilton Co.Corporal              Died of Disease  12/28/62

DeWitt, John                      Hamilton Co.  Sergeant              Mustered Out 6/16/65

Echols, William R.             Hamilton Co.       Private                Died of Wounds  Feb 12, 1865

Falkner, John J.Hamilton Co.Private              Died from Disease 7/10/63

Frazier, Henry Hamilton Co.Musician              Mustered Out 6/16/65

Gage, Ebenezer Hamilton Co.Private              Died from Disease 7/9/63

Gollehur, Henry Hamilton Co.Private              Disability 5/26/65

Gossage, Archalus, J.Hamilton Co.Private              Died from Disease 9/5/63

Gossage, James L.Hamilton Co. Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Gowens, John W. Hamilton Co.Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Green, Spencer Hamilton Co.Corporal              Died from Disease 5/27/63

Guill, Andrew J.Hamilton Co. Private              Mustered Out 6/16/65

Gulick, Charles C. Hamilton Co.Private              Mustered Out 6/16/65

Gulick, Nicholus Hamilton Co.Private              Mustered Out 6/16/65

Holland, Aulstin Hamilton Co. Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Hookeer, McAllister A.     Hamilton Co.       Private                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Huffstutler, Martin P.        Hamilton Co.        Private                Absent Sick

Husley, WinkfieldHamilton Co.Private              Died from Disease 8/16/63

Johnston, Acel C. Hamilton Co.Musician              Mustered Out 6/16/65

Jones, William L Hamilton Co.Private              Died from Disease 2/16/63

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