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Kennerly, Calvin                White Co.  Private                      Captured Mustered Out 6/16/65

Kingery, George W.White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Kingery, John White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Lacy, Micaijah White Co.Private                      Disability 6/29/63

Laguoin, Joseph                 Shawneetown      Private                      Transferred to 18TH Ill Inf.

Lang, Charles                     Shawneetown      Musician                  Transferred to 18TH Ill Inf.

Leathers, James M. White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Little, Charles  Gallatin Co.Private                   Died of Disease 3/14/63

Matlock, Henry C. White Co.Private                   Died of Disease 3/14/63

Mears, James White Co.Private                      Disability 4/18/63

Medlin, Milton J.                Elm Grove           Private                     Mustered out 6/16/65

Miller, James A.White Co.Captain                     Resigned 12/6/63

Milton, Absalom J.             Phillipstown        Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Mobley, James R.ShawneetownPrivate                   Died of Disease 2/28/63

Mobley, JohnWhite Co.Wagoner                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Morgan,   Matthew             White Co.Private                   Died of Disease 3/14/63

Morrow, Asher BWhite Co.Sergeant                   Died of Disease  1/9/64

McCreary, Robert White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

McCreary, William White Co.Private                      Disability 4/21/64

Nation, John A.White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Nestller, EzekielWhite Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Owens, Henry H.Posey Co. In.Private                   Died of Disease 5/14/65

Parker, John A.Carmi                   Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Phillips, Henry L. Posey Co. In.Private                   Deserted  5/4/64

Phillips, William Posey Co. In.        Private                     Absent at Muster Out

Pomroy, Robert White Co.2nd LT                       Mustered Out 6/16/65

Rippetoe, David Posey Co. In.Private                   Died of Disease 7/12/63

Robinson, William M.White Co.Private                      Disability 4/18/63

Row, Lycurgus W.White Co.Corporal                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Rupert, George W. White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Rupert, John J.White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Seal, Benjamin White Co.Private                   Died of Disease 8/29/63

Slocumb, Thomas W. White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Smith, Daniel White Co.Private                   Died of Disease 4/7/63

Smith, Henry White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Smith, Samuel White Co.Private                      Deserted 6/26/63

Smith, TheopholisWhite Co.Private                      Disability 11/10/63

Smith, Thomas White Co.Private                      Deserted 3/1/63

Smith, WilliamWhite Co.Private                   Deserted 3/1/63

South, Archibald M.White Co.Musician                   Died of Disease 7/23/63

Stephens, George FranklinPrivate                      Transferred to 18TH Ill Inf.

Stevens, Francis M. White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Stevens, John J.White Co.Corporal                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Strawbridge, Charles M. White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Swartz, HenryWhite Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Van Winkle, Henry White Co.Private                   Died of Disease 2/5/63

Vaughn, William M. White Co.Private                      Died of Disease 1/16/63

Vines, James M.White Co.Private                   Died of Disease 4/4/63

Webb, Edwin B. White Co. Private                   Died of Disease 3/10/63

Weice, WilliamW. White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Weiss, James FranklinPrivate                   Died of Disease 4/19/65

Williams, Alexander          Carmi                   Corporal                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Willis, James E.White Co.Captain                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Willson, Nathaniel F. White Co.Private                   Deserted 3/1/63

Winkles, William W.White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

Withroe, William White Co.Private                      Mustered Out 6/16/65

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