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Company G

Adams John W.White Co.Private                                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Anderson, John SWhite Co.Corporal                                Transferred to 14TH Cav. 12/1/62

Anderson, Michael White Co.1ST Sergeant                          Mustered Out 6/16/65

Anderson, Terry       White Co.   Private                                   Wounded  Mustered Out  6/16/65

Black, William A.White Co.Private                                Died of Disease 7/31/64

Boyer, Alexander White Co.Private                                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Brooks, Bartley A.White Co.Private                                Disability5/29/63

Brown, Samuel S.White Co.Private                                Died of Disease 9/9/63

Burrell, Asa White Co.Sergeant                                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Burell, Cadle White Co.Private                                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Burrell, Erastus White Co.Private                                Disability 8/9/63

Burrell, Nelson White Co.Private                                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Burrell NoahWhite Co.Private                                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Burrell, Sidney White Co.Corporal                                Mustered Out 6/16/65

Cain, Joshua White Co.Private                                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Caldwell, GeorgeWhite Co.Corporal                                Mustered Out 6/16/65

Catt, Morris White Co.Private                                   Died of Disease 2/24/63

Collard, Francis M White Co.Private                                   Died 10/11/63

Collard, James F.White Co.Private                                   Transferred 14TH Cav.

Cotton, ThomasWhite Co.Musician                                Mustered Out 6/16/65

Crabtree, Benjamin F.White Co.Private                                Died of Disease 11/21/63

Colton, John A. White Co.Private                                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Cummin, William M.White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Downs, John C. White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Draper, Samuel P.White Co.Private                                 Died of Disease 6/24/63

Draper, William F.        White Co.  Private                                    Wilson’s Hill April 7, 1864

Dybbell, Allen N. White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 10/9/63

Emerson, Edwin B. White Co.1ST LT                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Foster, Joshua G.        White Co.     Private                    Wounded Mustered Out 6/16/65

Foster, Samuel J. White Co.Captain                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Frymier, Jasper White Co.Corporal                                  Captured Mustered Out 6/16/65

Fulford, Bird L. White Co.Corporal                                  Mustered Out 6/16/65

Fulford, Josiah White Co.Private                                     Transferred to 14TH Cav

Garner, Henry J.White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Gibson, JamesWhite Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Galdwin, George White Co.Private                                     Died 7/9/63

Goudy, Edmond F.White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 3/16/63

Goudy, Henry M.White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 4/10/63

Graham, John         White Co.            2nd LT.                                     Died of Wounds  May 9, 1864

Harrison, William J.White Co.Private                                  Deserted 2/13/63

Hart, Enos White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 10/26/62

Hatcher, ElijahWhite Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Hatcher, William H. White Co.Musician                                 Captured Mustered Out 6/16/65

Hedges, JohnWhite Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 12/7/63

Hedges, William C.White Co.Private                                     Transferred to V.R.C.

Hill, Benjamin O.White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Hoon, Valentine White Co.Private                                     Disability 8/31/65

Hosick, William H. White Co.Wagoner                                  Transferred to 13TH  Ill Cav

Kello, John M. White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 10/4/63

Kennery, CalvinWhite Co.Private                                     Captured Mustered Out 6/16/65

Little, James        White Co.    Private                                     Wounded Mustered Out 6/16/65

Lough, Geoge W.White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

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