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Lumm, Thomas C.White Co.Private                                     Transferred 14TH Ill Cav.

Martin, Evered M. White Co.Private                                     Disability 5/1/63

Martin, Thomas B.White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 3/3/64

Miller, James A. White Co.Private                                     Disability 613/63

Mitchern, Frank White Co.Sergeant                                  Mustered Out 6/16/65

McClelland, James P. White Co.Private                                     Disability 10/7/63

McClelland, Louis M.White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 4/5/63

Nelson, William H, White Co. Private                                     Transferred 18TH Ill Inf.

Newman, Alexander M.White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 7/21/63

Newman, George P. White Co.Corporal                                  Died of Disease 5/12/63

Orr, James H.White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 9/13/63

Partick, John G. White Co.Corporal                                  Died of Disease 10/22/64

Patrick, William E.White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Plumbly, David White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Putnam, Madison White Co.Corporal                                  Mustered Out 6/16/65

Reeves, JamesWhite Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Reeves, James A.White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Rice, William E. White Co.Sergeant                                  Died of Disease 3/7/63

Richardson, James LWhite Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Rose, Louis White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Russellot, Francis E.White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Sallee, William H.       White Co.  Private                                  Died of Disease 3/12/63

Smith. Samuel F.      White Co.  Private                                    Wilson’s Hill April 7, 1864

Smith, Samuel S.         Enfield         Private                                     Wilson’s Hill April 7, 1864  

Story, James V.White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 3/7/63

Story, Joseph  White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Story Robert P.White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Strawmatt, ReubenWhite Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 7/9/63

Strawmatt, William H.EnfieldPrivate                                  Died of Disease 2/15/63

Sumpter, Emanuel White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Sumpter, Henry White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Sumpter, John R. GrayvillePrivate                                     Transferred to V.R.C.

Sutton, Azariah White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Sutton, William EnfieldPrivate                                     Died 10/19/63

Taklington, Willis J. EnfieldPrivate                                     Transferred to 18TH Ill Inf.

Tarrant, IsaacWhite Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 12/12/62

Taylor, JamesWhite Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 12/12/63

Thomas, George A.White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Thompson, Joseph White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Thompson, Samuel EnfieldPrivate                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Trapp, John White Co.Sergeant                                  Mustered Out 6/16/65

Venters, David EnfieldPrivate     Died of Disease 1/1/64

Wicker, David White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 2/27/63

Wicker, John C.White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 2/28/63

Wilson, Joseph B. White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Wilson, John C.                  White Co.            Corporal                                  Mustered Out 6/16/65

Winkler, Felix G. White Co.Private                                  Died of Disease 3 /9/633

Winkler, Thomas C. White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Winkler, Vincent M. White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Witcher, Benjamin F. White Co.Private                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Witcher, Joel Y.EnfieldPrivate                                  Died of Disease  2/4/63

Witcher, Martin C.EnfieldPrivate                                  Died of Disease 3/7/63

Young, ThomasWhite Co.Corporal                                  Captured Mustered Out 6/16/65

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