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Company I

Absher, William C.White Co.Wagoner                   Disability 4/27/63

Adams, John G White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Allen, James B.White Co.Sergeant                                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Brockett, Benjamin F. Jr. White Co.2ND LT                                 Discharged 5/7/63

Brockett, Benjamin F. Sr.White Co.Captain                                   Resigned 12/10/63

Brockett, Benjamin J.White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Brockett, George F White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Brockett, Milton J.White Co. Corporal                                 Disability 10/7/63

Brown, Charles W.White Co.Corporal                                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Brown, Marcus L.White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Bryant, HenryWhite Co.Private                                 Disability12/1/62

Cherry, George White Co.Corporal                                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Cherry, William White Co.Private                                    Died 4/4/63

Clarke, Joel White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Collard, John Elm GrovePrivate                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Coyert, John H. White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Crabtree, Enoch White Co.Private                                 Died of Disease 2/21/63

Crabtree, WilliamWhite Co.Private                                 Deserted 12/13/62

Dougherty, James M. White Co.1ST Sergeant                           Died 4/26/64

Draper, Samuel White Co.Private                                 Died of Disease 5/4/64

Duncan, John A White Co.Sergeant                                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Emerson, William E.White Co.Corporal                                 Disability 7/9/63  

Farmer, Pinkney L. Logansport           Private                                    Transferred to 18TH Ill Inf.

Farmer, SamuelWhite Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Feadler, Antone White Co.Private                                 Deserted 6/6/63

Gambol, Robert CarmiPrivate                                 Died of Disease 1863

Gentry, Sidney LShawneetownPrivate                                 Died of Disease 3/1/63

Genty, Slvester S. White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Glasco, John E.CarmiPrivate                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Glasco, Thomas M.CarmiPrivate                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Graham, Benjamin B.White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Graham, Ross White Co.Captain                                   Mustered Out 6/16/65

Greer, James M. White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Greer, John S. White Co.Sergeant                                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Greer, RichardWhite Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Grubbs, David W.White Co.Musicians                               Mustered Out 6/16/65

Holland, Shandy A.ShawneetownPrivate                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Holland, Zachariah White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Hughes, Robert C. White Co.Private                                    Transferred to Inv Corps

Jenkins, Arnold White Co.Private                   Died of Disease 1863

Johnson, William H.Enfield1ST LT                                     Mustered Out 6/16/65

Jones, John L.White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Jordan, William B.White Co.Private                                 Died of Disease 2/19/63

Keith, Hutson A. White Co.Musician                                 Mustered Out 6/16/65

Kerr, William J. White Co.Private                                    Mustered Out 6/16/65

Kisner, HarmonWhite Co.Private                                 Died of Disease 3/23/63

Kisner, James J.White Co.Private                                 Deserted 3/16/63

Kisner, John H. White Co.Corporal                                  Mustered Out 6/16/65

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