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II: Baptisms ...Marriages...Burials...Confirmations and Cummunicants..Other Records.., 1990. 182pp (pb, ind, pn).

131. Berks County, Pennsylvania Marriages 1730-1800, 1986. 107+pp (pb, ind, pn); Berks County, Pennsylvania Births 1705-1800: Volume One 1705-1760, 1988. no pagination (pb, pn); Listing of Inhabitants in 1767 - Berks County, Pennsylvania, 1985. 15pp (pb, sis, pn).

132. Berks County, Pennsylvania Marriages 1730-1800: Volume 2, 1987. 102+pp (pb, b/w ill, ind, pn); Hawbaker, Gary T., and Clyde L. Groff. A New Index: Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, before the Federal Census. [Vol 5: Index to 1770 tax records]. c1989. 204pp (pb, b/w maps, vgc); Howell, J. J. and F.G. Paul. Berkes County, Pennsylvania Land Warrants 1730-1868, 1985. no pagination (pb, b/w ill, spiral bd, nc); Genealogical Queries & Reports of Research Commemorating 300 Years of German Immigration to the United States of America, 1983. 314pp (pb, ind, vgc).

133. Hyde, M. M. Bradford County: The Story of Its People, 1985. 128pp (b/w ill, cover soiled, vgc); Weiser, F. S. Records of Pastoral Acts at Emanuel Luthern Church, Known in the Eighteenth Century as the Warwick Congregagion Near Brickerville, Elizabeth Township Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1743-1799, 1983. Sources and Documents fo the Pennsylvania Germans #8. 229pp (pb, ind, vgc); Bricker, F. M. Church and Pastoral Records in the Archives of the United Church of Christ and the Evangelical and Reformed Historical Society, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 1982. 49pp (pb, b/w fp, sis, vgc).

134. Fralish, G. Cumberland County (PA.) Oaths of Allegiance, 1762, 177-1778; Miami County [Ind] Schools 1830-1930; Wolfe, B. Cass County, Indiana Will Index 1831-1955; Location of Cemeteries and Burial Plots in Cass County, Indiana; Kay, V. J. Idavill United Presbyterian Church 1832-1962: Idaville, White County, Indiana Records...; Cass County Historical Tour Guide June 25, 26, & 27, 1976; [Folder labelled: Cass County 1850 Census w/ typed pps]. (pb, gc-pn, most vgc).

  • 135.

    Helm, T. B. History of Cass County, Indiana: From the Earliest to the Present. Reprint,

  • 1980.

    976, 142pp (ind, nc); Howard County, Indiana Death Records 1875-1920, 1984. 249pp (pb,

pn); Hoffman, R. Deaths in Logansport, Indiana Newspapers: Democratic Pharos Weekly: 1858- 1859, 1869-1871, July 31, 1872: Logansport Weekly Journal: 1870-1876; Logansport Daily Journal: 1876-1878, 1983. 194+pp (pb, ind, vgc).

136. 9 items on Adair County, MO: Adair County Marriage Records- 1841-77: [folder]; Treadway, G. 1860 Adair County Missouri Census; Treadway, G. Census:1850 Adair County, Missouri; Adair County, Missouri, Marriage Records 1872-80; Adair County Missouri Atlas Maps, 1875; Adair County, Missouri 1898, Atlas Map; Adair County Missouri, [Maps], 1911: The First Hundred Years: 1879-1979, Novinger, Missouri:Volume 1; Official Program, Novinger Centennial, 1879-1979, August 31 1979-September 3, 1979, Novinger, Missouri. ( folders or pb, gc).

137. 3 items on Adair County, MO. Violette, E.M. History of Adair County. 1911, Reprint 1977. 1188pp.(b/w ill.,ind., pn); A Book of Adair County History,1976. 448pp. (b/w ill, pn); The Cemeteries of Adair County, Missouri, 1980; c1981. 1062pp+. (b/w ill, ind., pn).

138. 5 items on Adair County, Mo. Lloyd, G. et al, Novinger (Adair County), Missouri: The People, the Town and the Surrounding Communities; Laughlin, E., Adair County - Kirksville, Missouri: Forest-Llewellyn Cemetary Records and Index; Niece, R. A Book of Pratt Cemetery; Treadway, G. 1890 Adair County, Missouri, Census; The First Hundred Years: 1879-1979, Novinger, Missouri:Volume 2. (last 4 pb, b/w ill, gc-nc, most gc).

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