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139. [ 3-ring binder w/Penn Pal: Newsletter Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Chapter Palatines to America. Strasburg, PA: PA Chapter PalAm, 97 iss: Vols 1-24 complete + vol. 25, no1 (1980- 2004). (vgc)]; [ 3-ring binder w/The Palatine Patter. Colombus, OH: Palatines to America, 95 iss: Nos 14 -108 complete (1979-2004). ( vgc)].

140. 11 items of military history. Jordan, R. The Civil War; McDowell, B. The Revolutionary War; Embick, M. Military History of the Third Division, Ninth Corps, Army of the Potomac; Ceremonies at the Decication of the Statue of Maj.Gen. Anthony Wayne [4 copies]; Catalogue of American Revolutionary Pension and Bounty-Land Warrant Application Files; Revolutionary Pensioner: A Transcript ,,,for 1813; Closson, A Census of Pensioners for Revolutionary or Military Services [1840] with Their...; Guide to the Historical Markers of Pennsylvania. (last 4 pb, mc-pn, most gc).

141. Hulsbuck, Solly. Pennsylvania German Poems. Second Edition. Elizabethville, PA: The Hawthorne Press, ca 1906. 115pp,. ( b/w ill, mc); Hulsbuck, Solly. Pennsylvania German Stories. Elizabethville, PA:The Hawthrone Press, ca 1907. 100pp ( b/w ill, sps, mc).

142. DiNinni, M. Legacy of Life, 1986. 537pp (b/w ill, ind, nc); Stroh, O. Pennsylvania German Tombstone Transcriptions: Volume II, c1984. 112pp (pb, ind, spiral bd, vgc); [Envelope with pamphlets and 11” x 14” line drawing celebrating fiftieth anniversary( 1928-1978) of First United Methodist Church, Hershey, PA.. ( bw/ill, nc)]; [3-ring binder w/ Stroh, O. Pennsylvania German Tombstone Inscriptions; Penn Pal Church Records Index - 1982-1983; Rev. War Soldiers Buried in Dauphin Co., Tombstone Records of Zion Lutheran Church Cemetary, Upper Paxton, PA (pb, ind, vgc)].

143. Reimer, Shirley. The German Research Companion. Second Edition. Sacramento, CA: Lorelei Press, c2000. 664pp (pb, b/w ill, ind, nc); Meynen, Emil. Bibliography on the Colonial Germans in North America. Baltimore, MD: Genealogical Publishing, Co. 1982. xxi, 636pp (ind, sis, vgc).

144. McCrea, Kenneth. Pennsylvania Land Applications Volume 1: East Side Applications, 1765-1769: Strasburg, PA: Pennsylvania Chapter Palatines to America., 2002. 541pp ( ill. ind, nc); Weikel, Sally. Genealogical Research in the Published Pennsylvania Archives. 1976. 25pp (pb, vgc); Sundry Genealogical Materials Pertaining to South Central Pennsylvania, Book V, With Surname Index.,c1987. 34pp ( pb, gc).

145. Beale, David. Through the Johnstown Flood by a Survivor: A Thrilling, Truthful, and Official History of the Most Appalling Calamity of Modern Tiimes. np: Edgewood Pub Co, c1890. 424pp+29 lvs of plates. (b/w ill, caif, ex lib, mc)

  • 146.

    Johnson, Willis Fletcher. History of the Johnstown Flood. np: Edgewood Publishing Co,

  • 1889.

    459pp+19pp of plates. (b/w ill, caif, cover stained, sl foxing, mc).

  • 147.

    Hall, C. M. The Atlantic Bridge to Germany: Volume I: Baden-Wuerttemberg, 2nd

printing, 1974. 128pp (pb, b/w maps, ind, vgc); Burgert, A. K. Pennsylvania Pioneers from Wolfersweiler Parish Saarland, Gemany, 1983. 44pp (pb, ind, spiral bd, vgc); Bell, R. M. Emigrants from the Wolfersweiler Region of Germany to Pennsylvania 1730-1750, 1982. 27pp (pb, ind, staple pps, vgc); Palatines to America: Surname Index, 1978. Special Pub #1. 30pp (pb, stapled pp, gc).

148. Early Lutheran Baptisms and Marriages in Southeastern Pennsyvania: The Records of Rev. John Casper Stoever from 1730 to 1779; ; Abstracts of South Central Pennsylvania Newspapers 1785-1790; Dructor, R. M. Guide to Genealogical Sources At te Pennsylvania State Archives; Abstracts of Pennsylvania Records of Naturalization 1695-1773; Johnson, A. E. A Guide to the

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