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Tillich, P. The Courage to Be; Tillich, P. The New Being; Küng, H. The Church. (last 4 pb, is, gc- vgc, most gc).


6 books by Lewis, C. S.:

The Joyful Christian: 127 Readings; Surprised by Joy: The Shape

of My Early Life; Miracles: A Preliminary Study; The Problem of Pain; A Grief Observed; Mere Christianity; plus: Weavings: A Journal of the Christian Spiritual Life. 7 misc iss: Vol 2, nos 4 &

6 (1987); vol 3, nos 4-6 (1988); vol 4, nos 1 & 2 (1989). (pb, gc-pn, most vgc).


Bealer, Alex W. The Log Cabin: Homes of the North American Wilderness. Barre, Mass:

Barre Pub, 1978. Photographs by John O. Ellis

191pp (pb, bib, ill, ind, oblong, vgc).


The Inglenook: A Weekly Magazine. Bound volume Elgin, Ill: Brethren Publishing House.

Vol 5, nos 28-53 (1903). pp #’s 658 thru 1280. (ads, b/w ill, covers loose, pps loose, mc).


Church of the Brethren Directory/Yearbook. Elgin, Ill: Church of the Brethren General

Board. 12 misc iss: 1968-1974, 1977, 1979-82. (pb, vgc).


Church of the Brethren Statistics, 7 iss: 1973-79. (pb, vgc); Yearbook of the Church of the

Brethren, 1919. 96pp (pb, ads, b/w ill, gc); The Missionary Visitor: Church of the Brethren, 3 misc iss: Vol 22, nos 4 & 9 (1920); vol 23, no2 (1921). (pb, b/w ill, gc); Bible Monitor, Vol 50,

no 19 (1972). (pb, vgc).


Empowered by Our Birthright: To Sing and to Celebrate 100 Years of Women’s

Organizations in the Church of the Brethren [a songbook from women’s conference in Virginia 1985]; A Sharing Concern: The story of the Mutual Aid Association of the Church of the Brethren; Special Services of the Church: Memorial Church of the Brethren Martinsburg, Pennsylvania; 1945 Twentieth Anniversary of Camp Alexander Mack [Wabee Lake, Indiana];

Manchester College 1939 Golden Jubilee Year; History of the Church of the Brethren Peru, Indiana 1906-1947. (pb, gc-pn, most vgc).


Barnes, Finding the Way: A Course in Church Membership for Boys and Girls: Pupil’s

Book; Our Churches in Other Lands [Church of the Brethren]; Eikenberry, Which Way in Nigeria?; Thomasson, The Old, Old Story...Anew: The Church of the Brethren in Nigeria;

Studebaker, F. The Voice of Thy Brother’s Blood: A Thrilling Temperance Story; Winger, In

Memory of

Ida Miller Winger; Muir, George Carl, Pioneer; 1950 Twenty-fith Anniversry of

Camp Alexander Mack. (pb, mc-pn, most gc).


18 books, booklets, and pamphlets on membership in the Church of the Brethren: Mack,

Rites and Ordinances and Ground Searching Questions; Becoming ...and.... Belonging; Brotherhood Organization...Brethren; Dunkard Brethren Church Polity; Mack, Rites and

Ordinances of the House of God and...; Zunkel, Why Brethren; Miller and Miller, Mediatation on

Brethren Life; Kurtz, Ideals of the Church...Brethren; Groff, What it Means to be Brethren; Handbook of Ministerial Decisions...Brethren; Resser, Ushers in the House of God; Manual for New Church Members; The Way..The Truth..The Life: Study Manual in Doctrine [4 different iss]; etc (pb, gc-pn, most vgc).

10. 25 books, booklets, pamphlets, leaflets by the Church of the Brethren: The Holy Spirit, The Church, and the Charismatic Movement; A Guide for Biblical Studies, 1982; Brown, Four Words for World..; A Guide for Biblical Studies, 1984-85; Snyder and Shaffer, Towards a Christian Lifestyle; Ziegler, Brethren Win Men to Christ; Deeter, Biblical Inspiration and Authority; Hoff, Exploring the Bible; Ober, Priniciples of Teaching Weaver, The Greatest Errors of Christianity in This Present Day; Gibble, Reaching Out to the Missing Ones; Weiss, The Christian Stewardship in Politics; Weaver, Plumb Line; Meyer, Speaking in Tongues, etc. (pb, gc).

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