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235. The Pictorial Bible: Being the Old and New Testaments According to The Authorized Version; Illustrated with More Than One Thousand Engravings, Representing The Historical Events After the Most Celebrated Pictures. New York: Robert Sears, 1858. 1124 + 348pp 11.5” (al, b/w ill, caif, engr, pp loose, sl foxing, spine /cover taped, Alfred Ellmaker written on front page & Lucy Ellmaker Family Bible on spine, yp, pc)

236. The Illustrated Domestic Bible. The Holy Bible, Containing The Old and New Testaments...Illustrated with Numerous Descriptive Engravings. Hartford: Case, Lockwood, and Brainard, 1870. 1000, 375 + pp + lvs of plates. 11.5” ( al, b/w ill, caif, engr, gilt edges, ind, John De Haven, Lancaster, City on front endpaper, sl foxing, ypb, mc)

237. The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments Together with the Apocrypha:Translated Out of the Original Tongues... Philadelphia: Kimber and Sharpless, 1824. 770, 112, 54pp+ lvs plates. 11.5” (al, b/w ill, caif, exlib, Family name Albright taped to spine, foxing, ind, spine torn/missing part, pc)

238. Holy Bible. Philadelphia: Whilt & Yost, 1857. 768, 88pp + lvp 11.5” (al, caif, cover torn/loose w/ back cover/spine missing, Family name Hoffner enscribed on first page, foxing, ind, pc)

239. The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments...New York: The American Bible Society, 1855. 1043pp 11 1/2 “ (al, caif, cover loose, Family name Stormfeltz Zell attached to spine, foxing, ypb, pc).

240. The Family Bible; Containing Old and New Testaments, with Brief Notes and Instructions...New York: American Tract Society, c 1861. 1504pp 10 3/4 “ ( al, embossed cover, foxing, note attached dated 1971 saying “this is the Family Bible of the Enoch Passmore of Kinzer, Pennnsylvania, ypb, mc).

241. New Devotional and Practical Pictorial Family Bible. Containing the Old and New Testaments, Apocrypha, Concordance, and Psalms in Metre:...Embellished with over 2500 Fine Scripture Illustrations. National Publishing Co.’s Superfine Edition. Philadelphia, PA: The National Publishing Co., c1870. Sections variously paginated + lvs plates. 12” (al, cover blind embossed with gelt text, engr, ill, note stating Eichler, repaired/taped, gc)

242. The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testament....with Canne’s Marginal Notes and References. Philadelphia: Brown & Peters, 1884. Alexander’s Stereotype Edition. 829, cxlvi, xxi, 56, 19 pp + lvs plates. 11.5” (b/w ill, caif, front cover loose, inscription to Miss Caroline Rhoads(?) by her Father, Elizabethtown, Lancaster County, 1850. Obituaries for Caroline and Laura Lizzy Hoverter taped in text, sl foxing, mc)

243. Holy Bible...with Rich Marginal References and Readings...Illustrated with Engravings from Pictures by the Old Masters and the Best Productions of Modern Artists.... New York: The Virtue Company, nd- inscription 1872. [Second volume only. Includes Proverbs through the New Testament and Apocrypha].pp 909-1621, 230, 44+ pp + lvs plates.14.5” (al, b/w ill, caif, front cover loose, embossed cover, gilt edges, inscription on front endpaper, Eliza Sener Miller, from her Husband, Samuel Miller, Spring, 1872, mc)

244. The Christian’s New and Complete Family Bible or Universal Library of Divine Knowledge... Berwick:[England] John Taylor, [1753?]. No pagination + lvs of plates. 16 .5” ( al, b/w ill, exlib, Moyer listed on spine, repaired/taped, sl foxing, mc).

245. The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments, Together with the Apocrypha...A Concordance, the Psalms of David in Metre, ...Philadelphia:Whilt & Yost, nd [ca 1850-1860?].

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