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269. Der Reggeboge. [Journal of the Pennsylvania German Society]. Allentown, Pa/Birdsboro, Pa: The Society. 23 misc iss: Vol 16, no 2 (1982); vol 17 (1983); vol 18, nos 1 & 2 (1984); vol 19, no 2 (1985); vol 20, nos 1 & 2 (1986); vol 21, no 2 (1987); vol 22, nos 1 & 2 (1988); vol 21, no 1 (1987); vol 23, nos 1 & 2 (1989); vol 24, nos 1 & 2 (1990); vol 25, nos 1 & 2 (1991); vol 26, nos 1 & 2 (1992); vol 27, nos 1 & 2 (1993); vol 28, no 1 (1994).(pb, b/w ill, vgc).

270. Stark, J. F. Johann Friedrich Stark’s tägliches Hand=Buch..., 1872; Psalms and Hymns for the Use of the Reformed Church in the United States of America, 75th ed; Catechismus, odr: Rurzer Unterricht Christlicher Lehre..., 1845; Haboush, S. My shepher Life in Galilee with the Exegesis of The Shepherd Psalm; Es Elbedritsch, 23 misc iss: 1989-1999. (last 2 pb, pc-vgc, most

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    • 271.

      Rice, Charles S., and Rollin C. Steinmetz. The Amish Year. [Social life & customs during

each month]. New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, c1956. 224pp (b/w ill, signed by authors, vgc).

272. Castner, Charles Schuyler. Berksiana. [Folk history, humor, & legends of Reading & Berks Co, Pa]. Np: The Berksiana Foundation, 1976 (Kutztown Pub Co). 350pp 11.25” (dj, ill, vgc); Wetzel, Daniel J. Two Hundredth Anniversary History of First Reformed Church… Reading, Pa: The Consistory, 1953. 119+pp (b/w ill, sis, vgc).

273. 3 books by Charles Weygandt: The Plenty of Pennsylvania: Sample of Seven Cultures Persisting form Colonial Days, 1942. 319pp + pp of plates (b/w ill, caif, dj, gc); The Blue Hills: Rounds and Discoveries in the Country Places of Pennsylvania, 1936. 434pp + lvs of plates (b/w ill, exlib, ind, vgc); On the Edge of Evening: The Autobiography of a Teacher and Writer Who Holds to the Old Ways, 1946. 217pp+ lvs of plates (b/w ill, ind, sis, vgc).

274. Miller, D. Early History of the Reformed Church in Pennsylvania, 1906. 280pp (b/w ill, ind, gc); Scheldt, R. A Life of Prayer In a World of Science bd w/ Zwingli’s Reform Measures in the Light of the Present World Crisis, 1931. 32pp (pb, cover yellowed, sl ds, gc); Almanac [and Year Book] for the Reformed Chgurch in the United States. 7 iss: 1884, 1898-1902, 1925. (pb, b/w ill, mc).

275. Tolles, F. B. and E. G. Alderfer. The Witness of William Penn, 1957. 205pp (dj, vgc); Riddle, W. Nicholas Comenius: or Ye Pennsylvania Schoolmaster of Ye Olden Time, 1898. 469pp (b/w ill, vgc); Singleton, E. Greatest Wonders of the World as Seen and Described by Famous Writers, 2nd ed. c1906. 366pp + lvs of plates (b/w ill, gc).

276. Dickson, Harold E. A Hundred Pennsylvania Buildings. State College, Pa: Bald Eagle Press, 1954. 100pp (b/w ill, dj, vgc); Singmaster, Elsie. Stories of Pennsylvania. Ill by Alden Turner. Vol 3, 1787-1830. Harrisburg, Pa: Pennsylvania Book Service, c1938.185pp (b/w ill,

vgc). 277. Ranck, H. H. The Life of The Reverend Benjamin Bausman D.D. LL. D

. , 1912. 439pp

+lvs of plates (b/w ill, exlib, ind, gc); Klees, F. The Round of the Year [an almanac], 278pp (b/w ill, dj, vgc); Kerr, A. B. The Long Crooked River. [Historical novel of early Pennsylvania]. 235pp (b/w fp, vgc).

278. Beard, C.A. and M. R. Beard. The Rise of American Civilization, One vol ed. 1930. 824, 828pp (b/w ill, ind, vgc); Andrews, C. M. Colonial Folkways: A Chronicle of American Life in the Reign of the Georges, 1919. The Chronicles of American Series, 9. 255pp + lvs of plates (b/w ill, exlib, ind, vgc); 1808 Triennial Tax Assessment Bedford County, Pennsylvania, vol 12 (1990) [Fulton County Historical Soc]. 162, 31pp (pb, pn).

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