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Scott. The Unquenchable Light. William Belden Noble Lectures in Harvard University, for 1940. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1941. 191pp (cover worn, ind, sis, gc).

41. Hessert, P. Introduction to Chrisitanity; Niebuhr, H.R. Christy and Culture; Neill, S. Christian Faith and Other Faiths: The Christian Dialogue with Other Religions; Nash, A. Protestant Thought in the Twentieth Century: Whence & Whither?; Warren, M. The Christian Mission; Kraemer, H. A Theology of the Laity. (gc-veg, most gc).

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46. The Englishman’s Greek Concordance of the New Testament: Being an Attempt at a Verbal Connexion Between the Greek and English Texts...., 9th ed. 1909. 1020, 14, 71pp (caif, foxing, gc); Dyer, L. Plato: Apology of Socrates and Crito.., revised. 1908. 246pp (ind, hps, old paper book cover, gc); Moule, C.F. D. An Idiom Book of New Testament Greek, 2nd ed. 1959. 246pp (dj, ind, vgc); Η ΚΑΙΝΗ ∆ΙΑΘΗΚΝ, [the New Testament in modern Greek], 1955. 479pp (vgc).

47. Wallis, W. D. Religion in Primitive Society; Idowu, E. B. OLÓDÙMARÈ: God in Yoruba Belief; Burns, A. Colour Prejudice with Particualr Reference to the Relationship Between Whites and Negroes; Purves, G. T. Christianity in the Apostolic Age; Inge, W. R. The Church in the World: Collected Essays; Visser’t Hooft, W. A. No Other Name: The Choice Between syncretism and Christian Universalism; Lowie, R. H. Primitive Religion. (last 1 pb, mc- vgc. most gc).

48. 11 hymnals [some are duplicate copies]: Brunk & Coffman, Church Hymmal [2 copies], 1953 & 1957 ed; Hymns and Tunes for Public and Private Worship, 1890 [2 copies]; Yoder C. Z, Brunk, Coffman, Smith, and S. S. Yoder. Church and Sunday School Hymnal Supplement, 1911 [4 copies]; Church and Sunday School Hymnal, word ed. [3 copies]. (last 2 titles pb, pc, gc, most

  • mc)


    • 49.

      6 copies of hymnal: Hymns and Tunes for Public and Private Worship. Elkhart, Ind:

Mennonite Pub House, 1890. 336+pp (caif, covers worn, pp loose, pc-mc).

50. Meeting Calendar Mennonite Congregations of Eastern Pennsylvania and Washington Co., Md: Ministers and Deacons Names and Addresses. [3 different editions] 1930, 1934 & 1936. np. ca 16pp/ed 5.5” - 6”(pb, mc-gc).

51. Buttrick, George Arthur, et al. The Interpreter’s Bible: The Holy Scriptures in the King James and Revised Standard Versions with General Articles and Introduction, Exegesis, Exposition for Each Book of the Bible. 12 vols, complete. New York: Abingdon, c1951-57. ca 955pp/vol. (djs, ill, ind, ub, vgc

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