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52. Works of Martin Luther: With Introductions and Notes [English] Six Volumes. Vols 1,2, and 6, Muhlenberg Press. Vols. 3,4,5 Holman Press. Philadelphia, PA. ca.1915-1931. ca 425pp/vol (sds, ub, gc)

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54. 6 books by W.A Maier from the Lutheran Hour: The Radio for Christ; Courage in Christ.; Let Us Return to the Lord; Christ, Set The World Aright.; For Christ and Country; Peace Through Christ . (gc).

55. 5 books by W.A. Maier from the Lutheran Hour: The Cross From Coast to Coast; Christ for the Nation.; America, Turn to Christ; He Will Abundantly Pardon. (gc).

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  • 58.

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    • B.

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  • 59.

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    • H.

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Benson. Wide as the Waters: The Story of the English Bible and the Revolution it Inspired.. c2001. 379pp. (bib, b/w ill, dj, ind, vgc).

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  • 63.

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67. Oct

The Mennonite Quarterly Review. Vol 23, no1 (1949) [incorrectly bound as vol 22, no 4, . 1948]; vol 24, nos 1 & 2 (1950) (pb, b/w ill., gc).

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