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CPSM Acknowledgements


The purpose of the Exam Specification is to pro- vide information about the format and content of the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) exams. This information will allow indi- viduals to prepare themselves, or to prepare others, to take the examinations. Information regarding the program is continually updated on the ISM Web site at www.ism.ws


ISM’s definition of supply management is “the identification, acquisition, access, positioning, management of resources and related capabilities the organization needs or potentially needs in the attainment of its strategic objectives.”

The supply management professionals targeted are those individuals who provide leadership by aligning resources to define and satisfy diverse internal and external customer needs through the acquisition and ongoing management of materials and services.

The SMEs also ensured that the components defined by ISM to be integral to supply manage- ment were included in the specifications.

Disposition/Investment Recovery Distribution Inventory Control Logistics Materials Management Packaging Product/Service Development Procurement/Purchasing Quality Receiving Strategic Sourcing Transportation/Traffic/Shipping Warehousing Outsourcing Issues

Production Management – Manufacturing Supervision

The subject matter experts represented the fol- lowing industries:

Accommodation and Food Services

Administrative Support; Waste Management and Remediation Services

Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Arts, Entertainment and Recreation Construction

The mission of the Institute for Supply Manage- ment(ISM) is to lead supply management. With that mission in mind, ISM undertook an enormous task in developing a new qualification — the Certi- fied Professional in Supply Management (CPSM). This new qualification will be available in 2008.

ISM’s Certification Committee recommended and was supported by findings from the research study conducted with Knapp & Associates Inter- national Inc. to offer a new qualification. Foremost among the study’s conclusions was that pronounced changes in the field demand that the new qualifi- cation reflect higher skill levels across the entire spectrum of supply management. It needs to address the realities of supply management, as well as workplace complexities including glo- balization, greater use of technology and expanded competencies that supply manage- ment professionals employ to drive value in their organizations. The CPSM meets these criteria and is slated to be the profession’s most rigorous qualification, representing the highest degree of professional competencies.

In developing this Examination Specification, ISM utilized a technique called Job Analysis at the Speed of Reality. This allowed ISM to draw upon the knowledge and expertise of practitioners from various industries with responsibilities across the components of supply management. These subject matter experts (SMEs) kept in mind ISM’s defi- nition of supply management, the defined scope of the position, and the components of supply management when determining the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for this position.

ISM CPSM Exam Specifications


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