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9.Maneuver Areas. In the event agreed facilities and areas will not accommodate United States forces’ desired training events, pursuant to Article IV of the Agreement, the Bulgarian Executive Agent shall assist in facilitating United States forces’ temporary access to non-public land, including that controlled by municipalities and private entities.

10.Appropriate Bulgarian authorities shall be responsible for providing necessary public notice of agreed training and maneuver of United States forces.

11.Detailed rules and standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each type of land training will be the subject of written arrangements between the appropriate United States and Bulgarian military authorities.

12.United States forces shall conduct land training in accordance with the training event plan agreed upon between the United States forces and the Bulgarian Land Forces Headquarters. United States forces may conduct land training operating from bases or locations outside of the Republic of Bulgaria. Such forces shall not be required to remain in the Republic of Bulgaria overnight in connection with the training events.

13.United States forces may invite, with prior consent of the Republic of Bulgaria, allied/foreign military forces to participate in land training. Bulgarian and invited allied/foreign military forces will address matters concerning the status and privileges of the invited forces.

14.The Bulgarian Executive Agent shall provide to the United States forces an English-speaking Range Safety Officer familiar with NATO procedures whenever munitions are to be expended by United States forces during land training on designated ranges.

15.The Bulgarian Executive Agent will provide for appropriate medical evacuation assets when the training ranges are used by United States forces.

16.Nothing in this Annex shall limit the ability of United States forces to request or the appropriate Bulgarian authorities to approve training events, or otherwise undertake cooperative efforts to facilitate training, outside of the time periods described above, as may be mutually agreed.

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