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a.All communications necessary to the administrative and operational functioning of United States forces.

b.Linkage with United States Department of Defense (DoD) communications networks.

c.Linkage with NATO communications systems.

d.Linkage with Bulgarian civilian, governmental, and military agencies.

13.The United States forces are authorized to import, install, maintain, export, and operate their own telecommunications services, including radio and television (example: Armed Forces Network (AFN) broadcast services) without payment of licenses, taxes or other fees as provided in the Agreement.

14.The United States forces are authorized to use codes, cryptographic systems and other means of communications security on all United States communications systems. For the cryptographic systems used in a coalition network between the Bulgarian and United States forces, a technical arrangement will be negotiated to address controlling authority information, management of cryptological material and equipment, and responsibilities of each party involved.

15.Requests by the United States forces for additional cable communications installations or services, and rights of way, shall be expeditiously processed through the Joint Commission to the appropriate Bulgarian authority, except for minor or routine transactions within the bases or establishments covered by supplementary arrangements between the Executive Agents.

16.The United States forces may install, maintain and operate their own equipment at the terminations of lines furnished by Bulgarian communication providers.

17.The United States forces, upon authorization, may:

a.Install lines, networks, and any other cable communications systems for their military requirements. The exact routing of the land lines shall be determined in coordination with the competent Bulgarian authorities.

b.Construct on rights of way authorized by the Bulgarian authorities such wire and radio communications facilities, including submarine and subterranean cables, as may be required for their forces.

c.Establish land lines to control their own transmission and receiver installations and electronic navigational aids.

d.Install lines, and any other cable associated with supporting their electrical power requirements.

18.In coordination with the appropriate Bulgarian authorities, the United States forces are authorized to maintain and use existing communications systems and technologies. Upon authorization obtained from the appropriate Bulgarian authorities, the United States forces may install, maintain and operate other major communications stations as links with the United States DoD communications network and lesser communications stations including radio stations. These stations are required for the support of military and administrative services of the United States forces, radio stations for communications with aircraft and vessels operated by or on behalf of the United States forces, satellite communications systems, and communications within and between areas and facilities approved for use by the Republic of Bulgaria in support of the United States forces. Communication equipment installed will comport with applicable safety and security standards.

19.Telecommunications antennas installed by the United States forces for the aforesaid purposes will comport with safety, aeronautical, RF interference, and security agreements and arrangements in force.

20.The Bulgarian authorities and the United States forces shall cooperate in investigation, isolation and elimination of interference harmful to United States and Bulgarian communications. When such

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