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Local police departments have access, via the BCA, to Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) data on driving records for law enforcement purposes only. Therefore, access to DVS data through BCA systems for employment or licensing is prohibited. The reason for this is that police departments have access to private data that is only authorized by Minnesota statute to be used for law enforcement purposes (for example, home addresses of persons who fear for their safety and have specifically asked to not have it released, medical data, or other private data).

To obtain business partner records access agreement forms: Kim Jacobson 651.201.7607 Kim.Jacobson@state.mn.us Driver and Vehicle Services.

The DVS is the best source for information on driving records of Minnesota residents. The division does offer cities (and other organizations) the option of entering into a “business partner records access agreement.” Cities can obtain driving records online (currently without charge) by signing this agreement.

There are several private companies that conduct criminal history checks as part of an overall background checking fee-based service. These companies likely have access only to public conviction data and the data may not be up to date. While these companies can save the city time and effort, the city will want to question the company about what data they will be receiving as part of the criminal history check and how often it is updated.

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If you have any additional questions, please contact the League’s Human Resources and Benefits Department.

League of Minnesota Cities Information Memo: Background Checks: The ABCs of BCA Data

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