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06 In the ActionScript 3.0 Settings panel in the Publish Settings dialog for Tutorial.fla, the document class is Main.as. As soon as Tutorial.swf starts up, an instance of that class is automatically created by Flash. This enables you to use the class as a base to build all the pieces you need.

07 Look at Main.as to see how each of the pieces is created and placed on the stage. The important thing to notice in this class is the creation of four key pieces – the background, menu, image map and the Style Sheet Handler.

08 In the function setupMenu, you set up the information for each of the three styles and pass it on to the menu to create the buttons and update them accordingly. Refer to Step 17 for more detail about this process.

10 The class StyleSheetHandler.as is responsible for creating and loading the Style Sheet, which defines text formatting such as font family, colour and size. All TextFields in the menu reference this class. To see all supported CSS properties, check the entry for TextField.htmlText in Flash Help.

09 The class ImageMap.as is the central resource responsible for loading and placing graphics. All the graphical elements (panel background and the menu) reference this class to get their graphics.

Visual CV

I n p i c t u r e s : a g u i d e t o t h e c a r e e r a n d w o r k o f o u r T e c h n i q u e w r i t e r s

Fantasy Interactive

A showcase of the dynamic design studio’s very best web work

Starbreeze – 2001 Fantasy Interactive designed and developed a site for game developer Starbreeze Studios.One of its first projects,it holds sentimental value.

Fido Films – 2001 Its first corporate site blended info- driven design and interface tools that hinted at the studio’s bold design vision.

Defenders of the Universe – 2002 Bouncing drag menus and spinning 3D characters helped make this site a huge hit.

Road Runner – 2003 When Road Runner launched it was the most advanced portal ever built in Flash, showing the world Fantasy Interactive’s skills.

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