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11 The class Background.as grabs the area of the image map that holds the panel background graphics and places it into itself. It does so by supplying a Rectangle to the image map that defines x and y positions, as well as the width and height of the desired graphic.

12 To make life easier, centralise the information where the graphics are located in the image maps in a single location – the Variables.as class. The variables are static, so they can be accessed from anywhere. This is very useful for keeping information organised and accessible.

13 The menu class is responsible for creating and laying out the menu items, and providing those items with the information they need. Menu also captures when they are clicked and instructs Main.as to load in new styles accordingly.

14 The menu item consists of a TextField and a background graphic. When you switch styles or interact with the menu item, the background is swapped out with different graphics. Both graphics and text formatting are loaded dynamically, leaving the menu item in the Flash library completely empty.

Ford – 2004 An innovative and exciting user experience for Ford that consistently represented all its cars, SUVs,minivans and trucks for three years. Utilising Flash,the studio incorporated a breathtaking navigational interface.

Life Sudoku – 2006 Life magazine and Road Runner required a unique user experience for their version of the Sudoku game.The solution was a captivating and highly addictive twist on the game’s interface, making it highly playable for all ages.

Nintendo Mario Kart microsite – 2008 Fantasy Interactive produced an animated microsite, introducing new characters and features through a story-driven site.

Fantasy Interactive – 2008 The new Fantasy Interactive site contains an exhaustive archive showcasing its very best work, demonstrating the wide range of sites the company has created over the years.


Computer Arts September 2008

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