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for that money in our rapidly developing town and at the same time manage our beaches to enhance the growth, strength and stability of our natural dune seawall.

Texas Beaches are Eroding

Nearly all of the Gulf beaches of Texas are undergoing rapid erosion. The only beaches that are not eroding are located adjacent to jettied inlets, at river deltas where the river flows directly into the Gulf, and in the longshore sediment convergence zone of Central Padre Island. Extremely severe beach erosion has been occurring on Bolivar Peninsula in the vicinity of Rollover Pass, West Galveston Island, Surfside on Follets Island, Quintana Beach, Sargent Beach, and South Padre Island.

The net result of man-made changes to the Gulf Coast and rivers of Texas is severe and accelerating beach erosion along much of the Gulf shoreline, at the same time that development is exploding as more people want to vacation or live on the Gulf beaches. The man-made changes that have caused this massive erosion cannot be undone, if we are to have water supplies and ports for Texas.

Erosion of Port Aransas and Mustang Island Beaches

Most of Mustang Island is undergoing beach erosion and shoreline retreat of 2-3 ft./yr. From the Aransas Pass jetties to about 4 miles south of the jetties the beach and shoreline are stable and may even be growing slightly. This is because that section of the shoreline is in the wave shadow of the jetties and is protected from waves coming from the northeast and east which carry sand south along the beach. But, the southeast and south winds create waves that still carry sand to the north along the beach causing net growth or stability in that four mile stretch of beach just south of the jetties. We are lucky that the older part of the City of Port Aransas is located at one of the very few places in the Texas coast where there is little or no beach erosion and shoreline retreat. This is wonderful. It is good insurance for us to make sure our natural dune seawall is the strongest that it can be.


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