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W-111 Bnsn 250 Cap.

“God So Loved the World”: The Final Days of the Savior’s Mortal Life eric D . Huntsman

“Good Tidings of Great Joy”: Stories of the Savior’s Birth eric D . Huntsman

W-112 Bnsn 250 Cap.

More Than Money: Finding the Spiritual Meaning of Earthly Things Ivan f . beutler, lucy b . beutler, James W . Jenkins

The Church Online: Tools, Treasures, What’s New and You! Ronald J . schwendiman

377 CB 342 Cap.

Recent Research in Early Christianity Thomas a . Wayment

How Context and Setting Enable Us to Ask New Questions of the New Testament Thomas a . Wayment

2254 ConF 300 Cap.

America’s “Culture Wars”: A Tale of Two Americas brett H . latimer

Insights for Latter-day Saints brett H . latimer

2258–2260 ConF 430 Cap.

“A House Divided against Itself Cannot Stand”: Abraham Lincoln’s Role in Preserving the Imperiled Constitution (Ron l . andersen)

Abraham Lincoln—God’s Humble Instrument Ron l . andersen

214 CTB 250 Cap.

T—Working with Expert Witnesses—An Expert Witness’ Perspective (J R Kearl) W—The Confluence of Estate Planning, Asset Protection, and Tax Planning (Jonathan a . Cavender, Kristy s . Phillips, lee R . Phillips) Th—Select Ethical Issues in Trial Practice (John a . adams) F—Half a Loaf: The Conundrum of Unenumerated Rights and the Original Understanding (fred M . Gedicks)

T—8:30–10:45 a.m. Class Still in Progress W—8:30–10:45 a.m. Class Still in Progress Th—Civil Litigation Advocacy (Robert Clark, Johathan Hafen, David nuffer) F—8:30–10:45 a.m. Class Still in Progress

assemBly Hall, HC 500 Cap.

A Time to Laugh: The Place of Humor in the Church lawrence R . flake

Spiritual Experiences from the Lives of the Latter-day Prophets lawrence R . flake

de Jong, HFaC 1,268 Cap.

Sweet is the Peace the Gospel Brings Mary ellen edmunds

Life-Changing Doctrines from the Book of Mormon David a . Christensen

madsen, HFaC 400 Cap.

Happiness: Sustainable Strategies to Increase Life Satisfaction Dean e . barley

Music . . . a Conduit from Heaven to Heart (Heartbound) Debbie anselmi bastian, lori Hadley Hales, Me’Chel Merrill Musgrave

pardoe, HFaC 509 Cap.

Thoughts from an LDS Psychologist Rick D . Hawks

Entitlement: How to Save Your Child from It linda J . and Richard M . eyre

B002 JFsB 179 Cap.

The Family—“Husband and Wife Have a Solemn Responsibility to Love and Care for Each Other and for Their Children” Gary l . Poll

Using the Scriptures to Help Us Out of Tough Times Gary l . Poll

B092 JFsB 237 Cap.

Help Me Teach with Inspiration anthony R . sweat

Latter-day Doctrines: Understanding Some Fundamental Phrases of Our Faith anthony R . sweat

B190 JFsB 179 Cap.

Cyber Safety for Digital Immigrants Ken s . Knapton III

Blending Well: Beyond Yours, Mine, and Ours e . Jeffrey Hill

1102 JKB 278 Cap.

Getting Meaningful Answers for Your Life—to Bless You, Your Family, and Others (Diane bills Prince)

For Goodness’ Sake: Increasing Goodness and Lowering Anxiety to Fulfill Our Divine Role! (for Women and Young Women) (Vickey Pahnke Taylor)

2107 JKB 190 Cap.

Isaiah Applied: Powerful Principles for Everyday Life (Part 1: Chapters 1–33) Justin b . Top

Isaiah Applied: Powerful Principles for Everyday Life (Part 2: Chapters 34–66) Justin b . Top

3108 JKB 292 Cap.

Pain and Addiction Daniel R . faber

Making Your Scripture Study More Meaningful John l . Hilton III

aud., JsB 859 Cap.

Lighting a World of Darkness Rand H . Packer

Change Anything: Principles for Changing Overwhelming Habits in Yourself Joseph W . Grenny, Ron McMillan, Kerry J . Patterson, al switzler

445 marB 266 Cap.

For the Strength of Parents: Helping Our Teens Follow Prophets Mark D . ogletree

Hundreds of Ways of Knowing the Book of Mormon Is True Jack W . Welch

446 marB 269 Cap.

Saints at War Kenneth l . alford

Teaching the Old Testament Kenneth l . alford

455 marB 269 Cap.

Getting to Done: Conceiving and Achieving Your Personal History Tom J . Taylor

FamilySearch: Blessing the Lives of the Living and the Dead Timothy G . Cross, James R . Greene, Ron Tanner

456 marB 265 Cap.

Overcoming Emotional Injuries in Marriage Jonathan sandberg

“God Be Thanked for the Matchless Gift of His Divine Son”: The Atoning Sacrifice of Jesus Christ Diane Done adair

marrioTT CenTer 23,000 Cap.

After All We Can Do: Joy, Perfectionism and a Little Anxiety Kevin Hinckley

O Lord, Where Art Thou? When the Heavens Seem as Brass Kevin Hinckley

270–278 rB 200 Cap.

No Classes This Hour

No Classes This Hour

sFH 4,500 Cap.

Building on the Rock in a World Made of Sand (Youth) Curtis R . Castillow

A Battle Plan for Stripling Warriors (Youth) Merrilee a . boyack

250 sWKT 284 Cap.

Decisions That Can Determine Your Outcome (Youth) Jonathan R . West

Take Courage! Following the Savior in a Fallen World (Youth) adam M . Mcbride

151 TnrB 362 Cap.

Seeking Harmony: Finding Peace in a Busy Life e . Jeffrey Hill

The Skills of a Saint—Developing a Personal Plan for Gospel Growth and Progress andrew s . Gibbons and Russell T . osguthorpe

3220–3224 WsC 695 Cap.

Be True to Who You Are Ronald e . bartholomew

Developing Spiritual Strength—It’s What’s Inside That Counts Ronald e . bartholomew

3280–3290 WsC 440 Cap.

The Book of Revelation: John’s Presentation of the Plan of Salvation Clyde J . Williams

Still More Insights I Missed the First 50 Times through the Book of Mormon Clyde J . Williams

Ballroom, WsC 1,575 Cap.

Worthy of Emulation—Commanding Personalities of the New Testament s . Michael Wilcox

Ennobling Truths, Edifying Revelations—Scriptural Teachers That Lift the Soul s . Michael Wilcox

VarsiTy, WsC 393 Cap.

Born Again: Scriptural Images and Patterns of a Life in Christ Patrick D . Degn

Covenant Closeness: The Messianic Bridegroom and His Bride Patrick D . Degn


8:30–9:25 a.m.

9:50–10:45 a.m.


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