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Calming the Storms Within and Progressing toward Happiness (W–F) stan G . Crippen

Discovering the Plan of Salvation in Jesus’ Parables Jack W . Welch

W-111 Bnsn 250 Cap.

Preparing for the Latter Days (W–F) Richard o . Cowan

Temples to Dot the Earth Richard o . Cowan

W-112 Bnsn 250 Cap.

Stealth Appetites: Satisfying Our Hidden Hungers without Overeating (W–F) beverly Hyatt neville

T–W—Divine Answers to Life Challenges . . . (Paul R . Warner) Th–F—Educating the Soul: Our Zion Tradition . . . (ann lambson)

377 CB 342 Cap.

The Power of Trust—How to Improve All of Your Relationships (W–F) Hank R . smith

Healing from Addiction: . . . the Addiction Recovery Program . . . freeman C . andersen, Kathleen fowles, David Handy, Toni Handy, Donald Hilton, Marvin Wiggins, nannette Wiggins

2254 ConF 300 Cap.

Retire Right: A Guide to Making the Best Financial Decisions at Retirement (W–F) scott M . Peterson

Sifting the Sacred from the Secular in Psychology and Everyday Life edwin e . Gantt

2258–2260 ConF 430 Cap.

W—Legal Ethics in Business Transactions—It’s Not an Oxymoron (Kevin R . Pinegar) Th—9:50 a.m.–12:05 p.m. Class Still in Progress F—Reasons for Civility (James D . Gordon III)

T—Religious Freedom in the 21st Century: Conflicts, Priorities, and Potential Resolutions (alexander Dushku) W—No Class This Hour Th— No Class This Hour F— No Class This Hour

214 CTB 250 Cap.

Beyond the Veil (W–F) lawrence R . flake

Relationships: Restoring What is Being Lost to Us in Order to Create Today’s Success (a . lynn scoresby)

assemBly Hall, HC 500 Cap.

Beautiful Music Brings a Heavenly Peace to the Home Atmosphere (W–F) Marvin a . Goldstein and Vanessa Joy

The Gift and Power of Music Marvin a . Goldstein

de Jong, HFaC 1,268 Cap.

Help, My Life’s on Fire!—Finding Peace in an Unpeaceful World (W–F) Debbie anselmi bastian, lori Hadley Hales, Me’Chel Merrill Musgrave

Matters of the Mind: Emotions and Relationships John P . livingstone and Marleen s . Williams

madsen, HFaC 400 Cap.

Seeking Spiritual Solutions for Parenting Our Children (W–F) linda J . and Richard M . eyre

Parenting Made Easier Merrilee a . boyack

pardoe, HFaC 509 Cap.

W—One of the Most Important Decisions You Will Ever Make: Whom You Will Marry (for Young Adults and Adults) (scott R . braithwaite) Th–F—Bringing BYU to You: Education Anytime, Anywhere, for Anyone ellen allred and Russ W . bryant

Disaster Preparedness: Starting Small is Still Starting e . Tal ehlers

B002 JFsB 179 Cap.

No Classes This Hour

Create a GRAND Legacy—Inspired Latter-day Grandparenting lauralee Christensen

B092 JFsB 237 Cap.

Sharing the Gospel (W–F) Timothy W . bothell

Events Leading to the First Vision Craig James ostler

B190 JFsB 179 Cap.

Following the Example of Prophets: Real Ways to Live a More Full Life (W–F) Vickey Pahnke Taylor

Making Sense of Classical Music: Becoming an Educated Listener Jaren s . Hinckley

1102 JKB 278 Cap.

The Miracle of the Atonement: What the Miracles of Christ Teach Us about Spiritual Healing (W–F) (Justin b . Top)

Isaiah for the Everyday Person Richard K . scott

2107 JKB 190 Cap.

Teaching Skills That Invite a Deeper Kind of Learning (W–F) Thomas V . foy, Carl D . Grossen, Doug K . Hart

What’s on Today’s Table? lora beth brown, susan fullmer, Diana l . McGuire, nora nyland

3108 JKB 292 Cap.

Christ-Centered Healing From Depression and Low Self-Worth (W–F) Carrie M . Wrigley

Building the Connection: Creating Closeness, Unity, and Joy in Marriage Carrie M . Wrigley

aud., JsB 859 Cap.

Discipleship through Service and Gratitude (W–F) Rebecca P . Douglas

Finding Peace in Today’s World brian G . andre and Rebecca P . Douglas

445 marB 266 Cap.

Interesting (but Little-known) Stories from Church History (W–F) Kenneth l . alford

Healing Distressed Marital Relationships Richard b . Miller

446 marB 269 Cap.

How to Effectively Preserve Your Family History in a Digital World (W–F) barry J . ewell

Learn to Become the “Sherlock Holmes” of Family History Research barry J . ewell

455 marB 269 Cap.

W—Athletics at BYU (Thomas a . Holmoe) Th–F—The Experiences of Bringing Our Pioneer Ancestors to Life on Film (T .C . Christensen)

The Law in the Life of Joseph Smith Gordon a . Madsen

456 marB 265 Cap.

T—BYU Devotional (elder Jay e . Jensen) W–F—Improving Gospel Learning and Teaching at Church, Home, etc.— Presentations by the Sunday School General Presidency President Russell T . osguthrope, David M . McConkie, Matthew o . Richardson

Revelation in a Week—Timeless Counsel from the Apocalypse Robert l . Millet

marrioTT CenTer 23,000 Cap.

No Classes This Hour

No Classes This Hour

270–278 rB 200 Cap.

It’s Time for a Spiritual Tune-up (Youth) (W–F) Michael W . allred

Guy-Girl Relationships: Advice From the Scriptures (Youth) John l . and lani o . Hilton

sFH 4,500 Cap.

Messages from Home: Things Heavenly Father Wants Us to Always Remember (Youth) (W–F) (brian G . andre)

“Draw Near unto Me” (Youth) Darren e . schmidt

250 sWKT 284 Cap.

The Best of BYU Studies (W–F) alex l . baugh, William G . Hartley, Jeffrey n . Walker

T—Building the Salt Lake Tabernacle: Armies, Agents, Architects, and Acoustics (elwin Robison) W–F—The Prophet Joseph Smith’s Translation of the Bible (Thomas e . sherry)

151 TnrB 362 Cap.

The Family Proclamation and Latter-day Scripture . . . (W–F) Ronald e . bartholomew

Organizing Solutions for Busy Moms laurie a . Reeve

3220–3224 WsC 695 Cap.

Know Them That Labor Among You: The Present-day Quorum of the Twelve Apostles (W–F) (Mark D . ogletree)

“Parables of Redemption”: How the Parables of Jesus Help Us to Better Understand and Apply the Atonement (C . Robert line)

3280–3290 WsC 440 Cap.

Latter-day Saint Women Make a Difference (W–F) susan easton black

Jesus is the Christ susan easton black

Ballroom, WsC 1,575 Cap.

Square Foot Gardening: No Weeding, No Digging, No Tilling, No Kidding! (W–F) (Karen P . bastow and Pat Westaway)

Provident Gardening—Becoming More Self-Sufficient through Growing Your Own Food (Karen P . bastow)

VarsiTy, WsC 393 Cap.

11:10 a.m.–12:05 p.m.

12:30–1:25 p.m.



TUesDaY–fRIDaY sCHeDUle aT a GlanCe

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