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TUesDaY–fRIDaY sCHeDUle aT a GlanCe

W-111 Bnsn 250 Cap.

Latter-day Lessons from the Life and Letters of Peter Jack W . Welch

Finding Healthy Forgiveness Christian b . and lili D . anderson

W-112 Bnsn 250 Cap.

Building the Family You Have Always Wanted Ryan K . eggett

Sparkling Jewels of the Gospel in the Old Testament Paul Y . Hoskisson

377 CB 342 Cap.

Becoming a Better Parent Christi Crosby bergin

How to Write a Life Story People Will Want to Read Dawn Parrett Thurston and Morris a . Thurston

2254 ConF 300 Cap.

The Heart of Change: Addiction Loss and Recovery Melissa smith and Melissa K . Taylor

Back to Basics: Refresh Habits, Homes, and Happiness Connie sokol

2258–2260 ConF 430 Cap.

Edification through Understanding the Spirit, Mind and Body Connection Keith J . Karren and e . Karen shores

Discovering Your True Potential and Self-Worth! Kirk Wilkinson

214 CTB 250 Cap.

T—12:30–2:45 p.m. Class Still in Progress W—Complex Legal Issues in Mixed Use Real-Estate Developments (Kirk Grimshaw, Robert C . Hyde, allison P . Johanson) Th—Civil Litigation Advocacy: Lessons for Trial Attorneys From the Bench (Robert s . Clark, Tobi D . Potestio, Clark Waddoups) F—Water Law Basics (J . Craig smith)

T—The Supreme Court and the Press: Celebrity Justices in the Era of Social Media (Richard Davis) W—1:50–4:05 p.m. Classes Still in Progress Th—1:50–4:05 p.m. Classes Still in Progress F—No Class This Hour

assemBly Hall, HC 500 Cap.

The Rise of Spirituality and What is Threatened without It a . lynn scoresby

Significance of Scriptures and How They Help Us Calvin R . stephens

de Jong, HFaC 1,268 Cap.

The Lord’s Angels: Messengers of Love, Instruction, and Warning Donald W . Parry

The Many Miracles of Music Marvin a . Goldstein and Janice Kapp Perry

madsen, HFaC 400 Cap.

Writing the Law on Their Hearts: Converting Latter-day Saint Youth Kevin Hinckley

Joseph Smith and the King James Bible Grant R . Underwood

pardoe, HFaC 509 Cap.

The Middle East: An LDS Scholar’s Perspective Victor l . ludlow

Covenants: Our Bond with the Divine Victor l . ludlow

B002 JFsB 179 Cap.

Seek My Face: Artistic Interpretations of the Savior’s Life and Ministry Rita R . Wright

A More Excellent Way—Accessing the Power of the Atonement Kathy Headlee Miner

B092 JFsB 237 Cap.

Church Practices and Programs in the Past: Insights and Impacts William G . Hartley

The Mormon Trail and Its Emigrants 1846–1868 William G . Hartley

B190 JFsB 179 Cap.

First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel Craig James ostler

Celebrating the Primary Children’s Songbook Pat K . Graham

1102 JKB 278 Cap.

Called to Serve: Missionary Work in the Twentieth Century Robert C . freeman and Dennis a . Wright

Subduing the Spirit of Contention stephen f . Duncan

2107 JKB 190 Cap.

Marriage Counsel from the Brethren Richard K . scott

“I Have No Greater Joy” (3 John 1:4) Darren e . schmidt

3108 JKB 292 Cap.

A Latter-day Saint Perspective on Understanding and Treating Mental Illness W . Dean belnap and louise b . Jorgensen

Harnessing the Power of the Plan of Salvation to Rescue Wayward Souls larry W . barkdull

aud., JsB 859 Cap.

“Fear Not” (D&C 6:34)—Overcoming Anxiety, Fear, and Self-Doubt, Even in These Perilous Times Carrie M . Wrigley

The Final “Winding-up Scene” of this Dispensation Thomas G . Chapman

445 marB 266 Cap.

Seeking the Best Gifts Michael W . allred

Advice on Marriage: What Prophets Preach Michael W . allred

446 marB 269 Cap.

Leadership in Marriage: Understanding the Patriarchal Order Richard b . Miller

Spiritual Peak Performance: “Look unto [the Lord] in Every Thought; Doubt Not, Fear Not” (D&C 6:36) Justin M . l . su’a

455 marB 269 Cap.

Top 20 Lessons Genealogists Need to Know barry J . ewell

From Ancient Scripture to Modern Application: Finding My Own Story, Struggles, and Solutions on the Pages of Ancient Scripture (Tyler J . Griffin)

456 marB 265 Cap.

Family Organizations: a Key to Successful Family History David J . farr

Chastity—How to Protect Our Children Michael a . Goodman

marrioTT CenTer 23,000 Cap.

Born Again—Spiritual Change from the Inside Out Robert l . Millet

Helping Your Husband Preside in Love and Righteousness John G . bytheway

270–278 rB 200 Cap.

No Classes This Hour

No Classes This Hour

sFH 4,500 Cap.

Armor Up! (Youth) Hank R . smith

Making the Most of Me (Youth) stan G . Crippen

250 sWKT 284 Cap.

“Come unto Me”—Seek Him, Hear His Voice, and Follow His Ways (Youth) amy Reading

What Shall I Do with Christ? Eight Decisions Every Teenager Must Make (Youth) andrew s . brimhall

151 TnrB 362 Cap.

Personal Finance: a Christ-Centered Approach bryan l . sudweeks

The Legacy of Eve: Women of Faith from Many Generations Jay a . Parry

3220–3224 WsC 695 Cap.

Discovering and Achieving Your Life Mission Randal a . Wright

Making Your Home a Refuge from the World Randal a . Wright

3280–3290 WsC 440 Cap.

Power in Principles: Timeless Truths and Fresh Perspectives from the Book of Mormon C . Robert line

The Light of Christ David s . Christensen

Ballroom, WsC 1,575 Cap.

Edified through Understanding Randy l . bott

“I’ve Got Questions about . . . !” Finding Answers in the Doctrines of the Gospel Jack s . Marshall

VarsiTy, WsC 393 Cap.

The Distinctive Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith Robert J . norman

Joseph Smith and the First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel Richard e . bennett


1:50–2:45 p.m.

3:10–4:05 p.m.


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