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Ancient Temple Imagery in the Book of Mormon David e . bokovoy

No Classes This Hour

assemBly Hall, HC 500 Cap.

No Classes This Hour (See Performances, pages 46–49.)

No Classes This Hour (See Performances, pages 46–49.)

de Jong, HFaC 1,268 Cap.

Music Inspires and Edifies the Mind, Heart and Soul James oneil Miner

No Classes This Hour (See Performances, pages 46–49.)

Madsen, HFAC 400 Cap.

No Classes This Hour (See Performances, pages 46–49.)

No Classes This Hour (See Performances, pages 46–49.)

pardoe, HFaC 509 Cap.

Where Motivated Learning Begins: Tips for Parents and Teachers in Understanding (and Benefitting from!) Learning Preferences shawnda l . Moss

A Mom for All Seasons angelle anderson

B002 JFSB 179 Cap.

Living a Joyful Life after Divorce Margaret e . Pickard

Stepparenting: Family Ties that Bind without Unraveling Margaret e . Pickard

B092 JFSB 237 Cap.

Preparedness, Made Doable and Delicious leslie Probert

Emergency Preparedness: Preparing for and Enduring through Disasters Treena J . bolingbroke

B190 JFsB 179 Cap.

Marital Danger Signs and What to Do about Them stephen f . Duncan

Some Surprising Discoveries in Marriage H . Wallace Goddard

1102 JKB 278 Cap.

Paul’s Letters to the Saints in Galatia and Rome Gaye strathearn

The Jerusalem Council and Paul’s Second Missionary Journey Gaye strathearn

2107 JKB 190 Cap.

Changing Your Marriage by Changing Your Life: Seeing as through the Eyes of Pahoran andrew s . brimhall

Burying Our Personal Weapons of Rebellion Rex l . barrington

3108 JKB 292 Cap.

More Money than You’ll Ever Need—Discover the Happiest Income in America! Living an Abundant Life While Developing the Tools of “Eternal” Prosperity scott C . Marsh

Million-Dollar Choices—Empowering a Lifetime of Maximum Personal Choice through Small, Insightful, Daily Choices scott C . Marsh

aud., JsB 859 Cap.

Enduring Well the Journey of Infertility stephanie H . Taylor

Placing One’s Will upon the Altar of God stephanie H . Taylor

445 marB 266 Cap.

“I Need Thee Every Hour”—Coming unto Him Ronald K . Gubler

The Importance of the Family—Understanding the Doctrine and Providing Strong Leadership scott a . Robley

446 marB 269 Cap.

It’s a Family Affair—Genealogy and Family History Claire V . brisson-banks

Creating a Genealogical Record That Is “Worthy of All Acceptation” Kelly R . summers

455 marB 269 Cap.

The Wondrous Atonement of Jesus Christ Michael a . Goodman

The Declaration of Independence—the Moral Foundation and Soul of the Constitution James D . Moseley

456 marB 265 Cap.

No Classes This Hour

No Classes This Hour

marrioTT CenTer 23,000 Cap.

No Classes This Hour

Ballroom Dancing for Teens (Youth) betsy and Karson b . Denney

270–278 rB 200 Cap.

How to Write Your Own Owner’s Manual (Youth) John G . bytheway

Come unto Jesus (Youth) Jack s . Marshall

sFH 4,500 Cap.

Seven Scriptures to Help You through High School (Youth) G . shad Martin

Pick-Me-Ups When You Feel Down! (Youth) Christy Gunnell

250 sWKT 284 Cap.

“Come What May, and Love It”—but How? sherrie Mills Johnson

Chosen People and Choice Lands: Covenant of Abraham and the Nations of Israel and the Americas Ted M . bair

151 TnrB 362 Cap.

Raising Righteous Children in a Wicked World Randal a . Wright

Finding Joy in Fulfilling Your Most Important Roles as a Spouse and Parent Gary b . and Joy lundberg

3220–3224 WSC 695 Cap.

The Confident Woman—Internal Peace and Happiness barbara barrington Jones

The Confident Woman—Outward Appearance barbara barrington Jones

3280–3290 WSC 440 Cap.

The Book of Revelation: a Vision for Our Day Donald W . Parry and Jay a . Parry

Understanding the Atonement brad Wilcox

Ballroom, WSC 1,575 Cap.

“A Knowledge Also of Countries and of Kingdoms” (D&C 88:79) Richard e . bennett

“Be Still, My Soul”: Doctrines to Lower Anxiety G . sheldon Martin

Varsity, WSC 393 Cap.


Last-days Parenting Christian b . and lili D . anderson

Marriage: Growing Together in Love Don Wilson

W-111 Bnsn 250 Cap.

You Have to Love It! The Story of the Word of Wisdom Paul Y . Hoskisson

Finding Peace in the Storm R . Devan Jensen

W-112 Bnsn 250 Cap.

Resources and Realities for Seniors and Caregivers steven eastmond

Increasing Personal Effectiveness: Living Happier, More Productive Lives Kevin R . Miller

377 CB 342 Cap.

America’s “Culture Wars”: A Tale of Two Americas (Repeat) brett H . latimer

No Classes This Hour

2254 ConF 300 Cap.

Learning to Live in Peace, No Matter the Circumstance Kirk Wilkinson

No Classes This Hour

2258–2260 ConF 430 Cap.

4:30–5:25 p.m.

5:50–6:45 p.m.


No Classes This Hour

No Classes This Hour

214 CTB 250 Cap.

TUesDaY–fRIDaY sCHeDUle aT a GlanCe

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