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377 CB 342 Cap.

Of One Heart and Mind: The Art of Effective Communication Kevin R . Miller

Teach Ye Creatively: Facilitating Adult Learning Kevin R . Miller

de Jong, HFaC 1,268 Cap.

AIDA (see Performances, page 47 .)

AIDA (see Performances, page 47 .)

madsen, HFaC 400 Cap.

“ ish Upon a Star”—A Tribute to the Magical Music of alt Disney by Jenny Oaks Baker (see Performances, page 49 .)

“ ish Upon a Star”—A Tribute to the Magical Music of alt Disney by Jenny Oaks Baker (see Performances, page 49 .)

pardoe, HFaC 509 Cap.

“Rejoice”—An Evening of Music and Inspiration (see Performances, page 48 .)

“Rejoice”—An Evening of Music and Inspiration (see Performances, page 48 .)

B092 JFsB 237 Cap.

Save More and Spend Less: Living Frugally with Style and Flair alice osborne

Rejoicing and Flourishing in the Latter Days alice osborne

B190 JFsB 179 Cap.

Seeking to Sanctify Our Lives through Careful Scripture Study Will Increase Our Ability to Receive Revelation andrea erickson

Doctrines and Principles for Strengthening the Home and Family andrea erickson

1102 JKB 278 Cap.

The Complete Parent H . Wallace Goddard

Thriving in Life: Distinctive LDS Doctrines That Lead Us to Greater Joy H . Wallace Goddard

2107 JKB 190 Cap.

Fostering a Consistent Climate of Conversion in our Families G . shad Martin

No Classes This Hour

3108 JKB 292 Cap.

Sealing the Testimony: the Road to Carthage Jail Ted l . Gibbons

The Power of the Word: Fundamentals in Scripture Study Ted L. Gibbons

445 marB 266 Cap.

Preparing Children for Missionary Service Marianna e . Richardson

Alfred Edersheim: a Jewish Scholar for the LDS Community Marianna e . Richardson

446 marB 269 Cap.

Feeding the Sheep without Being Eaten Alive: Teaching in the Home and Church Mark e . beecher

Charity, Tough Love, and Discipleship Mark e . beecher

455 marB 269 Cap.

Scandinavian Family History Research—Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland Kelly R . summers

FamilySearch Genealogical Resources Kelly R . summers

456 marB 265 Cap.

General Conference: Taking It Personally benjamin J . Knowlton

Deepening Your Knowledge of . . . the Joseph Smith Translation of the Bible blair V . Tolman

270–278 rB 200 Cap.

Ballroom Dancing betsy and Karson b . Denney

Ballroom Dancing for Adults betsy and Karson b . Denney

sFH 4,500 Cap.

Your Divine Destiny (Youth) scott l . anderson

Learning for Myself (Youth) brad Wilcox

151 TnrB 362 Cap.

The Second Coming of Christ: Parallels with Christ’s First Coming Ted M . bair

Principles and Skills for Better Relationships Ted M . bair

3220–3224 WsC 695 Cap.

A Diet High in Fiber, Filled with Grains—a Key to a Healthy Body brad e . Petersen

Cooking With Grains—Healthy Can Taste Great brad e . Petersen

3280–3290 WsC 440 Cap.

Home Organization: The Better Way to Live (Part 1) Marie C . Ricks

Home Organization: The Better Way to Live (Part 2) Marie C . Ricks

Ballroom, WsC 1,575 Cap.

Islam and the Middle East Daniel C . Peterson

A Perfect Brightness of Hope scott l . anderson

VarsiTy, WsC 393 Cap.

The Life and Writings of C. S. Lewis sherrie Mills Johnson

A Visual Expedition through Biblical Lands: Connecting Old and New Testament Text to Images blair G . Van Dyke


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