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e . Jeffrey Hill Seeking Harmony: Finding Peace in a Busy Life 151 anner Building (TNRB)


Creating Personal energy Making the Most of Your Time

Th f

Creating Harmony at Work and at Home finding Harmony: Intentionally Choose to Make Mortality a symphony

Ronald e . bartholomew Be True to Who You Are 3220–3224 ilkinson Student Center (WSC)


avoiding latter-day lies Is anything Real? Truth: Things as They Really are

Th f

Understanding the Doctrine of foreordination Understanding the Doctrine of Perfection

Clyde J . Williams The Book of Revelation: John’s Presentation of the Plan of Salvation 3280–3290 ilkinson Student Center (WSC)


a Plea to Come unto Christ (Revelation 1–4) a Mini-Course in History: seven seals and seven Trumpets (Revelation 5–11)



The Kingdom of the Dragon vs. the Kingdom of the lamb (Revelation 12–16) The Triumph of the Kingdom of God (Revelation 17–22)

s . Michael Wilcox Worthy of Emulation—Commanding Personalities of the New Testament Ballroom, ilkinson Student Center (WSC)


our savior—I’m Trying, and succeeding in Many Ways, to be like Jesus Peter—struggling for Perfection, Humanity’s Dilemma Women Who loved the savior—Defining and Refining femininity

W Th


Paul—achieving spiritual Maturity by Putting away Childish Things

Patrick D . Degn Born Again: Scriptural Images and Patterns of a Life in Christ arsity, ilkinson Student Center (WSC)


Growing Up in Christ: Trees and Gardens as symbols of spiritual Rebirth ancient Temples and Tabernacles: Templates of Death to life


Th f

The articles of faith: simple statements That Define Destiny Get Thee out: Types and shadows of leaving the World and Inheriting the Promised land

9:50–10:45 a.m.

eric D . Huntsman Good Tidings of Great Joy: Stories of the Savior’s Birth W-111 Benson Building (BNSN)


an overview of the Infancy narratives—Including the savior, the son of David (Matthew 1)

W Th f

Promised savior (luke 1) son of God (luke 2) King of Israel (Matthew 2); a book of Mormon Christmas

(3 nephi 1)

Ronald J . schwendiman The Church Online: Tools, Treasures, What’s New and You! W-112 Benson Building (BNSN)

T W Th f

What’s new This Year on Church Websites Tools for Teachers on Church Websites “Hidden Treasureson Church Websites Getting Involved Personally online to further the Work


Thomas a . Wayment How Context and Setting Enable Us to Ask New Questions of the New Testament 377 Clyde Building (CB)


The setting for the Miracles of Jesus scenes from the sermon on the Mount

Th f

Cultural barriers in Pauls World The Roman empire in acts through Revelation

brett H . latimer Insights for Latter-day Saints 2254 Conference Center (CONF)


Hollywood vs . Religion (Mormons Included) Hollywood vs . Religion (Mormons Included) (continued)

Th Do animals Go to Heaven? an lDs scriptural vs . World Religion


Perspective Do animals Go to Heaven? an lDs scriptural vs. World Religion

Perspective (continued)

Ron l . andersen Abraham Lincoln—God’s Humble Instrument 2258–2260 Conference Center (CONF)

T W Th f

abraham lincoln: “Raised Up and Inspired of God” abraham lincoln and the early Mormon Church The Wit and Wisdom of abraham lincoln The Remarkable similarities of the Prophet Joseph smith and abraham 9:50 a.m.


Continuing Legal Education Classes (see page 45 for the schedule and additional information.)

214 Crabtree Building (CTB)

T W Th

Continuation of 8:30–10:45 a .m . class . Continuation of 8:30–10:45 a .m . class . Civil litigation advocacy—lawyer as advocate,


Mentor, and leader—Discovery and Motion Practice (Robert s. Clark, Jonathan Hafen, Honorable David o. nuffer) (9:50 a.m.–12:05 p.m.) Continuation of 8:30–10:45 a .m . class .

David a . Christensen Life-Changing Doctrines from the Book of Mormon de Jong, Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC)

T W Th f

a Mighty Change: The Doctrine and the Process The Most Joyous to the soul: Receiving and Giving all Things Must be Done in order: Realistic Priorities The Doctrine of Christ: Knowing What Is Truly Important

Debbie anselmi bastian, lori Hadley Hales, Me’Chel Merrill Musgrave (Heartbound) Music . . . a Conduit from Heaven to Heart Madsen, Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC)


small and simple Things—“by small Means the lord Can bring about Great Things” (1 nephi 16:29) “The lord is My strength and [My] song” (exodus 15:2) “In the arms of His love” (2 nephi 1:15)

W Th


Tender Mercies—“Great are Thy Tender Mercies, o lord” (Psalms 119:156)

linda J . and Richard M . eyre Entitlement: How to Save Your Child from It Pardoe, Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC)

T W Th f

entitlement and How It snares our Kids The antidote of Giving Kids ownership financial and Material ownership empty-nest Parenting and spiritual forms of ownership

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